Test your Knowledge on Planting Marijuana Seeds!

If you want to be a marijuana grower, you need to approach every aspect of growing with due diligence. On our article How to Plant Marijuana Seeds? 10 Tips for Sprouting Cannabis Seeds,we have discussed the steps that you need to consider when planting marijuana seeds.

Answer our quiz now to see if you have remembered some of the important details!

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    This process makes the whole germination process much easier and is the first step in planting marijuana seeds.

    • Choosing the soil.
    • Germinating the seeds.
    • Wetting a paper towel.
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    What is the ideal temperature in storing the seeds?

    • 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit
    • 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit
    • 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit
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    What are considered as good seeds once soaked in water?

    • Those that are floating.
    • Those that sank.
    • Either are considered good seeds.
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    This is the process of retaining the moisture on the seeds.

    • Less Tilling
    • Applying compost
    • Minimizing bare soil
    • Wet a paper towel
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    How long can a good seed germinate?

    • 24 hours
    • 48 hours
    • 72 hours
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    How much soil do you need on planting marijuana seeds?

    • Pots should be 1/2 filled.
    • Pots should be 3/4 filled.
    • Pots should be filled up to the rim.
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    How deep should be the hole in planting cannabis?

    • 0.5 inch deep
    • 0.6 inch deep
    • 0.7 inch deep
    • 0.8 inch deep
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    When planting the cannabis seeds into the hole, use your hands.

    • True
    • False
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    Which is a no-no in planting marijuana seeds?

    • Plants shouldn’t be exposed to excess humidity
    • Plants shouldn’t be exposed to too much moisture.
    • Your seeds should be exposed in direct sunlight.
    • The recommended grow area is closed-off room such as basements.
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    Growers are using the lights to improve the success rate.

    • True
    • False


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