Could you be a budtender?

If “Northern Lights” or “Strawberry Cough” mean something to you then this could be your test. Brooding about seeking work on a cafe or dispensary? This might assist in giving you a leg up of the competition. If not, just test your pot snobbery. Answers are weighted, so some questions have multiple right answers. Choose the foremost right answer.

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    The best part of the cannabis plant to smoke is:

    • Stems
    • Leaves
    • Flower
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    Your customer is looking for a night cap, just a little something to help her sleep. What strain would you recommend?

    • Panama Gold
    • Vietnam Black
    • Chocolate Thai
    • Legends Ultimate Indica
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    This plant is:

    • Vegatating, Sativa
    • Flowering, Sativa
    • Vegatating, Indica
    • Flowering, Indica
    • Vegetating, Ruderalis
    • Flowering, Ruderalis
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    The purple color of the bud in the picture means that:

    • This is extremely potent; purple happens only above 20% THC.
    • This plant had genetic and/or environmental factors that turned it purple.
    • This isn’t cannabis because cannabis is green and can’t turn purple.
    • This was grown hydroponically.
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    Hash is:

    • A slang name for opium.
    • Ground up leaves, rolled into a ball and aged.
    • Made from trichomes.
    • A traditional way of preparing cannabis. Popular in Asia, Africa, and Europe.
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    The best time to smoke cannabis is:

    • Fresh off the plant, just like a fruit. Pick and smoke.
    • Harvest it, let it dry for 5 to 7 days, and then cure it in a jar for a month or two.
    • Harvest it, let it hang dry until it is dry enough to smoke.
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    You open a new jar off cannabis and it smells like hay.

    • This is premium cannabis, fresh from the plant.
    • This is the reason its called grass, because it all smells like hay.
    • This is properly cared for cannabis, the hay smell is a sign it came from a healthy plant.
    • There is too much chlorphyll and the smoke will be harsh.
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    The terms “high” and “stoned” are used to describe cannabis. What do they really mean:

    • You get high from good quality cannabis and stoned from poor quality.
    • High is an energetic feeling, stoned is a calming feeling.
    • You should always get high, if you got stoned the cannabis was tampered with.
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    You’ve just purchased 50 Malawi cobs to sell in your store. What did you buy?

    • Pipes that were crafted by Native Americans. The actual name of a “peace pipe”.
    • 50 specially joints, a mixture of cannabis and hash.
    • 50 corn husks stuffed with cannabis and buried under ground.
    • Rubbish. You just got taken for a sucker.
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    You fire up a joint of White Widow, take a few puffs, and realize that it isn’t as energetic as it usually is, its actually putting you to sleep. What is the most likely cause?

    • Your grower mixed up the jars.
    • You didn’t sleep well last night.
    • Your grower harvested it later than usual.
    • Your grower tried a new variety of White Widow.
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    On your recent trip to Amsterdam you met some locals at the Bulldog Coffee Shop. They had rolled a spliff and said something about it being a “royale”. What does that mean?

    • It is a mixture of hash and tobacco
    • It is a mixture of cannabis and hash.
    • It is a mixture of hash, tobacco, and cannabis
    • Look how nicely the joint is rolled. It even has a filter.
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    Which one of these foods can be made as a cannabis infused edible?

    • Salad dressing
    • Brownies
    • Hot Chocolate
    • Icecream
    • All of them
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    Which growing method produces the strongest bud?

    • Indoor Aeroponics
    • Indoor Organic
    • Outdoor
    • Indoor Hydroponic
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    You are seeking out sinsemilla, what does that mean?

    • It is the name of a strain.
    • You are purchasing buds from a male plant and they are much rarer and more potent.
    • It is an italian term meaning, “Highest quality” or “craftsmen” in reference to the skill of the grower.
    • It means “without seeds”. This bud has zero seeds in it.
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    Your are evaluating four small pucks of hash, they are: green, red, black, and brown. You are looking only for the best quality. Which colored hash do you avoid?

    • Black
    • Green
    • Red
    • Brown


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