Marijuana Paraphernalia: The Complete List for 2020

Marijuana paraphanalia

Cannabis items and supplies work in entirely different ways. You might think that pipe and bong are very similar, but actually, they cannot be farther apart.

If you wish to use cannabis (whether that’s recreationally or medically), you need to know the differences between the most popular marijuana paraphernalia. 

The users are often confused by these differences. One of the main reasons is how we classify them. The slang can also pose an issue because the terms used to describe marijuana paraphernalia are completely different from region to region.

Example of marijuana paraphernalia

Perhaps the best example is the bong.

As you well know, it is a tall pipe that is used to filter the cannabis smoke. It goes through water, and it ends in our mouth. Bong is a simple product that doesn’t require much explanation.

Still, it was a focal point of confusion and controversy back in the day. You see, in Colorado, the word “bong” was used to describe the term “marijuana.”

That being said, if you went to a marijuana paraphernalia store looking for a bong, a storekeeper would force you out of the store, presuming that you’re looking for, then illegal substance. Instead, a customer should look for a “water pipe”.

This is just one of the numerous examples where colloquialisms presented a problem for cannabis users. 

Recognizing the differences between marijuana paraphernalia is important for everyone.

If you are a parent, you might be concerned if you saw one of these items in your kid’s bedroom. Yes, they look like a product for junkies, and it is really easy to become fearful.

However, you need to understand there are major differences between cannabis paraphernalia and equipment that are used to consume some other, serious drugs. 

Marijuana paraphernalia classification

The US is really tricky when it comes to cannabis paraphernalia.

The country consists of numerous states, each with its own legal system. Although there is a Federal Law that resolves most of the issues, each state has its own cannabis legislation.

At this moment, marijuana paraphernalia is illegal in 37 US states. This number will probably change as the state governments become more lenient towards this drug.

Anyway, here is the basic classification of marijuana paraphernalia in the US:

  • Pipes, bubblers, bongs, hookah

These are the basic items used to smoke marijuana.

Pipes are the most common items of this class. They are made from various materials such as glass, porcelain, wood, metal, and so on. The main feature of the item is a metallic screen, which prevents a user from inhaling cannabis ash.

You also have bongs. These are pipes with a long tube. In most cases, they are made from plastic. At one end of a bong, there is a bowl where water is placed. As you can presume, water is used for filtration.

Bubblers combine the best features of bongs and pipes. It is basically a mobile version of a bong.

Hookah is the most exotic item on this list. It originates from the Middle East. The most interesting thing about hookahs is that they’re heavily decorated according to the local tradition. They are often made from brass.

A lot of kids use hookahs as it helps them to conceal the fact they’re smoking marijuana. This paraphernalia looks like a decorative item, which is why a lot of parents don’t realize their main purpose. 

  • Tobacco paper, grinders, tobacco blunts, roach clips

All these items and supplies are used for traditional marijuana smoking. They help you make joints.

Making joints requires some expertise, and there are a lot of people who dislike the approach due to its complexity. However, joints are portable and a cool way to consume the drug.

Everything starts with a rolling paper. You can also buy a blunt, which is basically a hollow cigarette which can be filled with cannabis (or tobacco).

Blunts are great for people who have clumsy hands. In order to roll your own, you will also need a marijuana grinder. As the name implies, they are meant to grind up the drug so that it can, later on, be used for a joint.

Lastly, we also have roach clips, which are small metal clips that help you protect your fingers while rolling. Otherwise, you can easily get burned.

  • Vape pens, dabs, vaporizers

These products are mainly used to disguise the strong smell that cannabis leaves. Keep in mind they are also very popular among tobacco/cigarette users.

Vaporizers have become extremely popular in the last several years. You can insert various things into them, including cannabis, liquids, and oils.

Vape pens are very similar to vaporizers. However, they are much smaller and easier to carry around. They often come with replaceable cartridges that make consumption that much easier and enjoyable.

Dabs are types of bongs that were made for people who prefer to vape cannabis. They are usually made out of glass.

Marijuana paraphernalia and adolescents

Whether you enjoy cannabis occasionally or regularly, there is a good chance you will have some of these items in your home. They are common for both adult consumers and teenagers. Oftentimes, parents will see one of these items in their kid’s bedroom, and they will go crazy about it.

Now, don’t get us wrong; it is very important to act if your child is a cannabis user. Although the US government is making increased efforts to legalize the substance and use it for medical conditions, that doesn’t mean that it’s completely harmless.

Cannabis is often regarded as a gateway drug, but even if you use just marijuana, there is a good chance you will experience issues after prolonged use. 

Like everything else in life, cannabis can be good in moderate quantities. It is definitely a substance that can help you study, give you some additional energy, help you sleep and relax. But, we also need to be moderate when using it.

If you notice that your child is using the substance, it is very important to confront him or her in an adult manner. You have to determine how much your kid is using and to educate him/her about potential issues.

Additional considerations

The cannabis industry is booming in the last several years. The US, as well as many other countries of the world, are legalizing the substance.

As we learn more about its potential beneficial properties, there is a good chance that the substance will become more common. This also goes for marijuana paraphernalia.

Nowadays, you can find these products almost anywhere. They are not only sold in your traditional cannabis stores but in other stores as well. Their diversity is also increasing in time.

The cannabis companies are doing their best to invent new items of this type, and we have to see how the market will look like 10 years from now. 

Perhaps the biggest issue with cannabis paraphernalia is their labeling. Most companies are labeling them as tobacco items, even though the majority of users are utilizing them as cannabis supplies. This is why they can sometimes be found in places where cannabis paraphernalia is prohibited by law.

Among others, this is how cannabis companies get to underrated consumers. Marijuana paraphernalia is often designed to allure potential younger users. This, in itself, is problematic as people have to be mature enough to make an educated decision. 

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