Can You Overdose on Marijuana?

Can you overdose on marijuana

Even if you’re using cannabis for recreational purposes, you have to consider the side effects.

Whether we’re talking about short-term or long-term consequences, there are a few issues that might come about after using the drug.

And given that cannabis is a psychoactive substance like any other, you gotta ask yourself: can you overdose on marijuana?

Don’t be fooled by the weed’s reputation.

Most people see it as a benevolent drug that can help you relax after a long, hard day at work. But, anything that changes your brain function can also lead to some issues.

Nowadays, a lot of companies are trying to profit from medical marijuana hype. But, that doesn’t mean that someone else should make the decisions for you.

Instead, you should read this article and learn more about all the potential side effects caused by marijuana overuse. 

Can you overdose on marijuana? The basics

Doctors often debate when it comes to cannabis overdose. It is hard to determine whether or not you can overdose on this drug and how much THC would you need to do so.

Although you can clearly get high, and even have vicious side effects, the overuse of substance probably cannot lead to death.

In fact, there were a few cases where a person died after marijuana use. But, there wasn’t a clear correlation that would help us establish whether cannabis caused it or something else.

Most of these individuals battled with a serious medical condition, and while weed might have contributed to their untimely death, it wasn’t the main cause of it.

Potential side effects of weed

Cannabis is far from a safe drug. There are lots of different ways this substance can impact your body.

One notable thing about the plant is that it has a lot of active substances. This isn’t common for recreational drugs, and it is precisely the reason why it affects us in so many different ways.

The two most recognizable cannabis ingredients are THC and CBD. CBD or cannabidiol is a substance that has medical benefits.

Nowadays, companies that produce medical marijuana focus on this substance while minimizing THC.

In fact, if you wish to make medical cannabis products in the US, these items need to have less than 1% THC (although this varies from state to state). CBD produces a sedative effect, while THC provides an uplifting feeling.

There are lots of different marijuana strains and a few cannabis types. If we consider the overall number of active ingredients (more than a hundred), it is easy to conclude that the drug can have various effects on our body.

Alas, this also means that consumption can lead to numerous side effects.

Some of the more notable issues include:

  • Heart issues – It is well documented that marijuana can cause various heart issues from arrhythmias to increased heart rate. According to experts, the cannabis users rarely report such issues. Oftentimes, these problems will occur due to mixing pot with other drugs or alcohol. Weed, like all other substances of this sort, can especially be devastating to people who had previously diagnosed heart condition
  • Paranoia – Paranoia is probably the most common mental issue that occurs after using cannabis. In some cases, a person may experience extreme psychosis; however, hallucinations are not nearly as common as mainstream media wants us to believe. These issues are more frequent among users who take a lot of marijuana during a short time period. They are also more common for cannabis edibles (as they are harder to dose)
  • Vomiting – Although this is the least severe side effect, it is one of the more common ones. Uncontrolled vomiting can be really nasty. It is prevalent among people who have used weed for a while

Pot edibles overdose

Things become a bit complicated when we consider cannabis edibles. You see, there is a big difference between inhaling pot and eating it.

Although marijuana edibles take some time to reach our metabolism, it also takes more time for our body to digest them.

As they remain in our bodies for a while, it is extremely counterproductive to increase the dosage. Because of that, it is much more common for cannabis edibles to cause serious side effects. 

All in all, if you were to overdose on marijuana, it is more likely to happen because of an edible.

The side effects are especially common among inexperienced users. It may also happen to kids whose parents weren’t careful enough and left cannabis cookies in the open.

When you eat a weed brownie, you think that the dose wasn’t large enough. So, you continue munching, waiting for something to happen. When the THC hits you, it hits you hard.

Our recommendation is to be extremely careful when consuming edibles. Take just a little bit and wait for it to metabolize. Keep in mind that it might take more than an hour.

In fact, if you wish to try marijuana for the first time, we suggest that you start with joints. If you do decide to try an edible, make sure you don’t do it alone

Potential causes for a cannabis overdose

Even though we have established that marijuana cannot cause a marijuana overdose in its traditional sense, you still need to be careful not to overdo it.

Taking too much pot at once can only cause issues, and here are some of the most common reasons why people had bad trips.

  • Current weed trend and legalization

As you well know, cannabis is in the process of legalization in the US. Depending on a state, it can be completely legal or completely illegal.

Most of the states allow medical marijuana, and this is a global trend that is also noticeable in some other big countries.

Unfortunately, the legalization has taken its victims. People who never thought about trying marijuana now have free access to the drug.

Naturally, those people who badly wanted to try it, found ways to try it even though it was illegal. But now, it is more accessible and more alluring to those who never wanted to hassle with an illegal substance.

As a result, in the last few years, there is an increased number of casual users who had very drastic side effects

  • The increased concentration of THC

Another common trend is for marijuana companies to make marijuana products with a high concentration of THC. In fact, the average concentration of THC in cannabis has risen in the last decade or so.

This makes it much easier to have serious side effects. If you pair it with the previous factor, you can easily see why side effects are more common today than they were 10 years ago.


Like with alcohol or cigarettes, it is very important to enjoy cannabis responsibly.

Even though you likely won’t die from it (even if you take large quantities at once), you can still have a very bad trip.

A good way to have a positive experience is to take your time, buy weaker drugs, and not succumb to peer pressure. 

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