Synthetic Marijuana: Everything You Need to Know

synthetic marijuana

In the last several years, the cannabis market is booming all over the world.

New companies are opening almost everything day, and there are a lot more marijuana products today than they were several years ago.

With such a high demand and market turbulence, it was only a matter of time until people created synthetic cannabis.

So, what is synthetic cannabis?

As the name implies, it is man-made marijuana that should have lots of similar features to the real deal.

Unfortunately, numerous users reported side effects when using this synthetic drug. It was so extreme in some cases that it even led to premature deaths. 

In this article, we will talk about synthetic weed and all the potential risks that could come from using it. Read on!

Synthetic marijuana basics

First off, we need to make a distinction between synthetic cannabis and some other synthetic substances that have THC in them.

Unlike the other similar drugs, synthetic marijuana is not approved by the FDA. This alone makes it suspicious. Unfortunately, people who are producing the drug have seen the risks involved with it and decided to rebrand it.

Today, you can find synthetic weed on the streets under names such as K2 or Spice. It can also be bought through certain online stores.

In an attempt to legalize synthetic pot, numerous producers decided to change the basic formula. However, that doesn’t reduce its risks and the disastrous effect it has on the human body.

The main issue is that you can easily mask the fact that this is synthetic marijuana just by shuffling a few things or by changing the name or the label. 

Always remember that this isn’t a cannabis product.

Instead, it is a substance that binds to our receptors in the same ways cannabis would. It doesn’t have the natural THC, which, although hazardous in its own way, doesn’t cause such a strong impact.

How strong is synthetic weed really?

Synthetic cannabis relies on a manufactured substance that also connects to receptors but at a much higher level, causing a much stronger response from the body.

For example, it can be up to 100 times stronger than THC found in organic weed. Such volatility will lead to potential issues like chest pain, increased heart rate, vomiting, blurred vision and blackouts, headache, kidney failure, etc.

If you try to get off of it, you will experience extreme withdrawal issues that are common for strong drugs like heroin. 

When did it all start?

Like most other substances, synthetic cannabis came from a place of knowledge. It was initially developed during the 80s by a Clemson University professor John William Huffman.

While the professor had benevolent intentions, the product was anything but. The whole research was performed so we can understand cannabinoids a bit better.

In 2008, a sample of synthetic weed ended up in Germany, where additional studies were performed. 

After a while, there were a lot of companies that experimented with the drug. So far, it seems that we haven’t found a good purpose for the substance.

Creating synthetic cannabis

Today, it doesn’t take much to create synthetic pot.

There are a lot of different synthetic cannabinoids that are shipped all over the world. In other words, a person who wants to start producing these substances can easily get their hands on the basic component.

All you need is acetone solvent or high-proof alcohol. It resembles reverse extraction where the synthetic substance is dissolved and then added to a random plant.

Although you can easily get the ingredients, the process can be quite troublesome. Just a small mistake with mixing or spraying and everything can go up in smokes.

As a result, you can create a substance that is extremely toxic to human consumers.

Want to produce synthetic pot?

If you wish to produce synthetic marijuana (we strongly suggest against it), you would need good equipment and lots of experience working on similar projects.

Even then, there are a lot of question marks and potential hazards. The one who will be taking the brunt of those mistakes is the consumer.

Today, DEA has special task forces that are dealing with the issue. Unfortunately, although they have some results with the bigger organizations, it is very hard to contain small, home producers.

The issue is that much more complex if you consider the fact that almost anyone can create the substance in their garage.

In summary

Synthetic cannabis is often used by people who require a cheap drug. It is a great evil that will hopefully be eradicated in the near future. Instead of going for the synthetic product, make sure to go with organic marijuana.

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