Cannabis Buds: Tips When Picking Marijuana Bugs

cannabis buds

If you wish to be a real cannabis grower, you need to get acquainted with every part of the weed plant.

There are lots of things to learn, and every mistake can turn out to be fatal. Your whole yield can diminish based on a small blunder that you never saw coming. 

Cannabis buds can be very tricky. As the most important part of the plant, you need to be extra careful when handling them.

Maturation patterns

The first thing you need to learn about is maturation patterns. Although you might think that all plant parts will mature at once, this isn’t actually the case.

Yes, there are certain cannabis plants where this is the case. However, certain marijuana strains mature from the top down or from the outside in. 

In these particular cases, marijuana buds will mature faster if they’re on the outside compared to those that are inside. This makes sense as they will get more light throughout the maturation.

Once a grower takes out the outside buds, the inner ones will be exposed to more light, which will allow them to mature more quickly.

In most cases, it will take an additional two weeks for a weed grower to completely pick apart the plant after removing the first cannabis buds.

The gradual picking ensures that every bud is completely ripe when you take it off; this will ensure maximum potency and product quality. 

If you decide to perform the first cannabis harvest alone, we recommend that you get acquainted with the specific strain that you’re using.

Each one has a different flowering cycle that corresponds to the plant’s habitat. Through evolution, each strain was exposed to a certain number of daylight hours.

That being said, there will be a variation in how much time they need to get from vegetative to flowering stage.

Needless to say, it is much easier to get the right results if you grow cannabis plants, seeds, and buds indoors. A closed environment allows you to control the environmental factors and increase (or decrease) the amount of light that the marijuana is exposed to.

This is why most cannabis companies prefer doing things indoor. By choosing this approach, not only can you control the yields, but you can get several harvests each year.

Cannabis bud ripening: 5 crucial things to know

Here is some basic info that you need to know about cannabis buds:

  • If the cannabis flowers belong to the same strain, you can expect them to bloom at approximately the same time. If you decide to go with marijuana clones, keep in mind that they adhere to the same rules as the original plants. In other words, they will have the same time and light requirements
  • Flowering has everything to do with light and nothing to do with the plant’s size or age. Although strain is a factor, the other physical characteristics are not as important
  • Another factor that is important for cannabis bud flowering is direct exposure. If the sunlight is hitting the same side of the plant every day, this side will ripen quicker. This is why the layout of your garden and the trajectory of the sun can play a major role in determining how much time you need
  • In a closed environment, it is much easier to provide equal light to your plants. If you do everything right, you can make it so that all cannabis buds ripen at the same time
  • Always remember that outer buds get much more sunlight than the inside ones. This is especially noticeable on big plants, where interior buds are oftentimes in the shade, covered by leaves, colas, and other buds

What is the best time for picking your cannabis buds?

Even if you read several guides on cannabis bud picking, it will always be hard to determine whether your marijuana buds are ready or not.

The only way to overcome this issue is with experience and hard work. However, we can still provide several tips that will guide you through the process.

First of all, you will have to pay close attention to marijuana trichomes.

  • Cannabis trichomes

These are stalk-like resin glands where all active substances are present. They will appear on the leaves and around flowers to be specific. As the plant grows bigger and bigger, you will notice much more of these trichomes.

In most cases, the process will last for about 2 to 3 weeks. There are some strains that require 7 to 9 weeks for their flowers to ripen. Choosing the right cannabis strain is one of the crucial parts of the weed growing process.

Some of them can take a lot of time so, if you’re a newbie grower, we suggest that you go with seeds that require little time and proficiency. This way, even if you mess up your first harvest, you won’t lose too much time.

You will notice changes to flower caps as they approach full maturity. There will be much more resin on them, and at the same time, you will notice that trichomes are standing up.

  • Trichome caps

You might also notice something sticky around trichome caps. This liquid is full of cannabinoids, and it will appear on the inside of the caps. As the process continues, the smell will become stronger and stronger, reaching its peak when trichomes become fluorescent.

You can check for trichomes fluorescence with light; they will look like crystals. Keep in mind that you will need a magnifying glass for this.

Once you take a magnifying glass, you can notice a lot of small changes. First of all, the glands will change from clear, to ember, to cloudy white. This is a sign that the THC is changing into other substances.

The best time to harvest them is when they change from clear to either cloudy white or to ember. This is when you will get the maximum output. 

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