Mimosa Weed Strain – Basic Information

mimosa strain

When we mention Mimosa weed strain, most people think of the popular cocktail drink. However, this also refers to a cannabis strain that has been gaining popularity in the last several years. Like its cocktail counterpart, this plant will surely make your day!

The strain was created by the Symbiotic Genetics. It isn’t the biggest marijuana company out there, but they have some really nice strains.

Mimosa pot strain is a combination of Clementine and Purple Punch. Although its parents are not that renowned, they are regarded as quality marijuana strains by the experts.

So far, the Mimosa weed plant has gained a lot of positive reviews by both marijuana critics and the common users. It is a great cannabis strain for all those who love to smoke in the morning.

The pot plant provides a lot of energy, so it can be a good substitution for morning coffee.

THC, CBD content and physical characteristics

Mimosa’s THC and CBD content can vary significantly from plant to plant. In terms of THC, it can go as low as 17% and up to 30%.

That being said, you can get a completely different feeling when smoking it. This can be really troublesome if you have low tolerance; a strong joint can completely knock you out!

Mimosa has really nice nuggets. They are placed close to each other, and they have a deep olive color. Its trichomes are really white (almost crystal white).

The main reason why this strain is called Mimosa is because of its aroma. It has a taste very similar to that of a drink. The strain is sweet and sour, with awesome fruity flavor.

This is one of the main reasons why people love using it in the morning; there isn’t a strong aftertaste, but instead, it feels like a morning cookie.

Mimosa cannabis strain’s high

We cannot emphasize enough how awesome of a high you’ll have when using Mimosa. It provides a strong mental relief, and it brings a lot of energy and joy to its consumers.

Besides that, it will also help sharped your focus making you ready for challenging and creative tasks. The high lasts for hours, which means you will feel the impact during morning work hours.

If you have liberty, you can even smoke it in the afternoon, which can be helpful during the second part of your workday. A person using Mimosa will feel small tingles all over the body.

This makes the strain a really good alternative if you wish to relax and take it easy. But, you need to be careful not to smoke too much. Otherwise, you will become too slow and loose to perform even the simplest tasks.

Mimosa weed for CBD users

Besides its recreational features, the cannabis strain can also be used by people who are suffering from various medical conditions. It is great for ailments such as depression, but it can also be great for reducing stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

Mimosa is very common among patients who are suffering from chronic pain. The strain shouldn’t be used in the evening as it will keep you up all night long.

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