Funky Monkey Weed Strain – Basic information

funky monkey strain

If you don’t like debilitating cannabis strains, you will definitely appreciate Funky Money.

It is a marijuana plant that will provide almost the same high every time; the users recommend it for social gathering and other situations when you don’t want to get obliterated.

The high is pretty nice, it will definitely change your state of mind, but it won’t put you out of commission.

Funky Monkey strain is a combination of Grape Ape and Mendo Purps. We are not sure who originally developed it, but we are definitely glad that we have it! This weed strain has raving reviews, and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

THC content and physical features

As we already mentioned, this isn’t a particularly strong drug. With its 10% THC content, it ranks among mellower cannabis strains. You can smoke it for hours without end if you’re able to go easy. It is 60% Indica and 40% Sativa.

The plant doesn’t look that nice. It has brown buds and somewhat awkward placement of hairs. But, what is important is that there is a high concentration of trichomes on it. Funky Monkey has berry flavor.

You will also feel spice, mint, herbs, and some other flavors. There is a lot going there. In terms of its taste, the strain provides a really nice experience.

Funky Monkey is a great drug for going out. It can be used in social situations as it provides an enormous surge of energy.

It will make you giggle, which is why it is so cool when you smoke it with friends. But, it can also be great for smoking with strangers; the cannabis plant will turn any introvert into a party animal.

The only issue with Funky Monkey is that, when the initial high vanishes, you will feel a bit lazy and couch-locked. However, the sensation isn’t as strong as with some other marijuana strains.

Funky Monkey for medical patients

Like many other marijuana strains, this weed plant can be used to treat several conditions or at least reduce the symptoms.

Keep in mind that the strain isn’t that strong, so it won’t be as potent as some other medical cannabis plants. Nevertheless, it has shown a lot of promise for people who are struggling with depression and chronic stress.

Besides these two conditions, it has proved quite useful for people who lack appetite and those who suffer from migraines.

How do you grow it?

If you live in an area with dry and warm climate, you shouldn’t have any trouble growing Funky Monkey.

The strain is extremely resilient to the majority factors that are otherwise destroying cannabis plants: pests, mildew, and mold. It will take between 8 to 9 weeks to get your first harvest.

Funky Monkey cannabis strain is a bit harder to buy. There aren’t many dispensaries that are selling it, but if you’re persistent and able to find the seeds, you can grow a weed strain that all your friends will simply love!

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