Forbidden Fruit Strain – Basic Information

forbidden fruit strain

Forbidden Fruit strain is relatively hard to find. True to its name, it is a real rarity, but it makes it up with its quality.

Consisting of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, it represents a nice mixture of Cherry Pie and Tangie. Both of these weed strains are renowned for their full flavor and interesting highs.

We recommend that you use it in the evening before going to bed. Forbidden Fruit cannabis strain is really good for relaxing after a hard day at work. It will make you sleepy, which is why it is popular among people suffering from insomnia.

Taste and THC content

Forbidden Fruit packs quite a punch. Its THC content can go all the way up to 26%, and it causes a strong couch-lock effect. The high starts from your head, and slowly transfers to your body. In just a few brief moments, you will feel drowsy and ready to go to bed.

The marijuana strain combines a lot of amazing flavors. You will feel stuff such as cherry, citrus, and pine. Although this may sound like a strange combination, it really works! It also has a musky aftertaste to round everything up.

The plant has a nice green color with bright green trichomes. This makes it visually unique, and if you have any experience growing cannabis plants, you won’t require too much time to recognize it.

Forbidden Fruit high

Getting high on Forbidden Fruit is a really unique experience. It will put your mind in a state of relaxation within moments. The marijuana plant works by completely emptying your thoughts and putting you at ease. There is no coughing or other issues that are common for cannabis.

The feeling of high will start from your upper regions. You will sense the drug in your head and around the neck area. Your shoulders will completely relax, and this feeling will slowly start trickling downwards.

In just a few brief moments, you will be completely relaxed and sleepy. Keep in mind that the Forbidden Fruit cannabis strain doesn’t provide a sudden impact.

It works quickly, but it won’t knock you out. Instead, it works through your body until you’re completely chill. 

How do you grow it?

It doesn’t take too much expertise to grow this particular marijuana plant. However, we recommend that you’re at least an intermediary level when it comes to weed.

It can be planted either indoors or outdoors; whatever suits you. Like most other cannabis plants, it provides much better yield if you’re able to control the environment and ensure that you have a certain number of sunny days. All in all, it takes around 10 weeks for a full harvest.

As we previously mentioned, Forbidden Fruit is somewhat of a rarity. You will have to check numerous online stores until you find its seeds. But, the quest will be worth it. The plant is really unique, and a lot of users will appreciate its relaxing impact.

Make sure to contact our online weed store if you need any additional information.

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