Cannabutter Recipe: Awesome 3-Step DIY Recipe You MUST Try

cannabutter recipe

Most people perceive cannabis as nothing more than a psychedelic drug. But, there is much more to this plant than it meets the eye.

Besides the fact that marijuana has amazing healing properties, it can also be used for various edibles. One good example is cannabutter or butter made from cannabis.

Making cannabutter isn’t that hard. You just need some basic ingredients which can be found in any household. Besides cannabis buds or trimmings, you will also require tap water and salted butter.

Why would you consider using this cannabutter recipe?

It is pretty simple. There are always some leftovers that we can use after harvest. We will have a lot of trimmings and buds which we haven’t used.

Now, instead of throwing them away, we can use them for something delicious. Besides the fact that cannabutter is really tasty, it also has enough THC to get you high.

Furthermore, given that its butter, you can use it to create various other recipes. It is a good way to combine smoking weed with eating tasty cookies.

Here is the best cannabutter recipe that you’ll find online. Check it out!

What Do I Need: Cannabutter Ingredients

As already mentioned, you probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen. The only issue might be the marijuana trimmings, which most people will not have. However, if you’re a grower, you should have a lot of leftovers.

The whole process will take somewhere between 8 to 24 hours. The length depends on the method you chose.

  • 14 ounces of cannabis blossom or 28 ounces of trimmings
  • A pack of butter. Make sure it is salted
  • 300 milliliters of ordinary tap water. You should add another 50 milliliters for every hour of simmering
  • Cheesecloth or anything else that will allow you to strain the substance

First and foremost, this butter will be really strong. Of course, the strength will also depend on the cannabis strain that you’re using. You can either use trimmings or buds for it. There is also an option of using both, which will make it even stronger.

It is important to cure the material in jars for at least 14 days prior to use. If this is your first time experimenting with cannabutter recipes, we suggest that you use less raw matter. Then, if you decide this is something you’d like, you can use more material the second time around.

Given the potential potency of cannabutter, it is much better to take it slowly. A lot of people make a mistake with edibles by consuming too much, too quickly. The edibles take much more time to reach our system, which is why, when they hit, they tend to hit hard.

Oftentimes, you will need at least 3 hours to feel anything. The high can persist for an additional couple of hours. If you overdo it, there is a good chance you will start throwing up or having a bad trip.

Step-by-step process for making cannabutter

Finally, here is our amazing cannabutter recipe!

  1. Start with the initial preparation

First of all, given the nature of the process, it is much better to find a place where you can prepare cannabutter without being interrupted. Your home kitchen might not be ideal. Keep in mind that a strong smell of marijuana will start emanating once you start cooking. If you don’t have any other place to prepare cannabutter, we suggest that you properly air the kitchen, or start cooking another thing that will counter the cannabis smell. Start by chopping up the trimmings and buds. They need to be really small, like any other ingredient that you would otherwise use in the kitchen. Keep in mind that the trimmings themselves can provide excellent results. The majority of THC is in buds, so by reducing the number of buds, you will get butter with lower potency.

  1. Start melting the butter

The most important part of creating cannabutter is decarboxylation. During this step, you are able to turn non-bioavailable cannabinoids into THC and CBD. In other words, you are able to convert substances into a form that your body can utilize. Start by heating the oven. As it heats up, you can grind up the trimmings and put them inside. Make sure to use either glass or ceramic vessel. Once it’s ready, you will have to bake the marijuana for at least 30 minutes. When you’ve finished, put trimmings aside so they can cool off a bit.

  1. Add the rest

If you want to have weaker cannabutter, you should let it simmer for 7, 8 hours. Otherwise, you can leave it for a whole day. Mix butter and tap water. Then, add previously prepared cannabis. Now, you are ready to start simmering your butter. You shouldn’t use a lid as this would prevent vapors from exiting. All the water will eventually evaporate, which is why you should add some every once in a while. Butter is added at the end of the simmering process. If you add it too soon, it will melt away and evaporate. The butter is used for carrying the cannabinoids, so it shouldn’t be processed for far too long. If the mixture is good, small bubbles will appear on the surface. This is a good sign that you’re using the right temperature. When simmering is done, you should strain it into dishes for later use. Then, you can put the butter in the refrigerator.

In conclusion

There we go!

It is a simple process. Our cannabutter recipe is so amazing that we’ve made it numerous times. It is a great way to mix cooking with getting high.

The product is even better when used for tasty cookies. Just make sure not to take any unnecessary risks, or overdo it with ingredients.

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