Marijuana Seedlings: How to Cultivate Them Properly

marijuana seedlings

If you’re a new marijuana grower, you’re probably very worried about your plants. Cannabis can be very fragile, especially during the early stages of development. This is why you need to keep an eye on your marijuana seedlings. 

Here are some tips that will help you do just that. Check it out!

Getting the right vessel

Before you do anything else, it is important to get a proper container. Make sure you have the right pots where you can start germinating cannabis seeds.

It is best if you use simple soil for your marijuana seedlings; there is no need to tinker about but instead try to put emphasis on simplicity and efficiency. As you get more experienced, you will be able to make minor tweaks to the growing process. 

The choice of pots will depend on whether you’re going for feminized seeds or autoflower seeds.

Feminized or Autoflower seeds?

If you’re going for autoflowering marijuana seedlings, bear in mind that it’s much better if you put a plant into the final pot.

The First 3 weeks are crucial, after which it gets much easier. If you make any mistakes, no matter how small they are, your marijuana seedlings will definitely suffer. As a result, you will have a much lower yield than expected.

There are also some differences depending on the strain that you’re using. Generally speaking, you will need a pot that can hold somewhere between 5 to 15 liters of water. Depending on its size, you will have bigger or smaller plants. It will also affect the watering frequency. 

The second option is the feminized seeds. If you choose to go for regular seeds (which most people avoid doing), you will have the same set of rules as for the feminized seeds. Feminized marijuana seedlings allow much more flexibility to growers.

You can make a much better schedule where you’re able to decide when you want to end vegetation and start the weed flowering stage. As a result, it is much easier to remove the plants from one vessel to another.

If you choose to change your pots, there will be a period of several days during which the cannabis plants will have to recover from stress. So, you will have to keep that in mind and increase the vegetation period accordingly.

Factors for higher yields

Of course, if you want your marijuana seedlings to have the best chance of giving high yield, you will also need to consider environmental factors. Sunlight, water, nutrients; all of them play a big part in helping your plants grow big and strong.

When seeds have been germinated, you will place them into previously prepared pots. Don’t plant your seeds too high or too low. Ideally, they should be around 5 centimeters below the surface.

You will have to place the pointy root downwards so it can absorb nutrients properly.

1) Growing weed inside is better

Nowadays, a lot of people prefer growing cannabis indoors. The reason is simple: the closed environment is easy to control, and it gives you more harvests for a year.

Unlike the outdoor growing of marijuana, you are also able to modify environmental factors such as lighting. You don’t have to go overboard during the early days by using strong LED lights. Instead, CFL will give good enough results. Your lights should have around 20 to 30 wats. Go with ones that have the highest lumen output. 

2) Humidity should be right

Humidity and watering are additional factors you need to consider when growing your cannabis seedlings. When it comes to humidity, the growers should try to create an atmosphere with around 70% humidity.

If you go with small propagators, they should only be used for cannabis that is grown in small pots. On the other hand, if you go with an autoflowering plant, you will require more micromanagement. You may start with 70% humidity, but after a while, you will have to increase it.

3) Watering is crucial

Watering is the last environmental factor you need to consider. It is also the most important. New growers often make a mistake by giving their cannabis plants too much water. This is a big mistake as it will stifle growth.

As with most other things, it is necessary to find the golden middle. You can touch the ground to see if it’s too humid or too dry; it is best if its somewhere between. Of course, everything should be done while wearing gloves.


Marijuana seedlings require a lot of love. During this period, it is easy to make numerous mistakes that will affect the final product.

So, if you’re patient, and if you don’t take any unnecessary risks, you will be able to get big, healthy plants.

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