First time grower journal! Part 1

After about 3 months of research( a little excessive maybe) lol we finally decided on a place to order our seeds! After about a month they came in! I was clueless lol here was about $500 worth of fertilizer, chemicals and seeds and I had no clue where to start! On top of that it was a big f**k up if I messed any of this up. So again maybe 2 more weeks of research before I even attempted to grow them lol. I did the cup of water method which worked much to my relief. I then research what to plant them into and had three lil seeds now in biodegradable pots with soil. Ok…. now what! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Hahhaha well now I researched what next and the next solution was a grow tent and a light. Mind you I do veggies so I have grow lights ect but this is a whole new growing! So now I have a grow tent and a big ass light. Move them to that and bam! They just take off quicker than I can keep up! Woohoo ! So far success! Now to keep it going! Okie more research lol 

What do you think?


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