Cannabis Growers: Top 10 Marijuana Growers in the USA

cannabis growers

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing businesses not only in the United States but in the whole world. After being shunned for such a long time, various governments of the world have acknowledged its medical benefits.

Furthermore, if we’re talking about cannabis as a drug, it seems that countries are becoming more open to an idea of marijuana consumption, given that it doesn’t cause severe side effects like some other psychedelic substances.

Although the US is fragmented when it comes to marijuana laws, they still have cannabis growers who are able to do business on an elite level. With each passing year, the US cannabis companies are becoming recognized as premium producers.

Here are some of the most popular brands that are located in this country!

1) GW Pharmaceuticals

GW Pharmaceuticals is a company of cannabis growers listed on NASDAQ. So, it isn’t surprising that the consumers have full confidence in this brand. In fact, GW Pharmaceuticals is as legit as they come. You won’t have to worry about technicalities such as shipping or quality when you order from their online store.

As one of the biggest US cannabis growers, they are working with high tech solutions. For example, their pill-based CBD is regarded as one of the most advanced cannabis products on the US market. Companies such as this are a good example of how brands will run their marijuana operations in the future.

Another product worth mention is Sativex. It is a rare cannabis drug that has gotten FDA approval. Today, there are numerous patients with neurological diseases who are depending on this medicine. Although they have quite massive operations, there are some indications that GW Pharmaceuticals will keep on growing.

They are acquiring new properties so; we can expect to see them a lot in the future.

2) Native Roots

When it comes to cannabis and related products, Colorado is one of the leading North American states. The local governing bodies made massive strides to liberate and improve the cannabis market. The owners of this company have the most licenses when it comes to marijuana products. As such, Native Roots have a bright future.

These cannabis growers are very progressive when it comes to research and development. They have a total of 59 licenses on their cannabis products. Besides the 17 dispensaries, they also have an amazing web shop that allows you to order medical marijuana no matter where you live. Even though they have massive operations, they don’t have stocks, nor are they indebted in any way.

According to the experts, they have one of the best indoor facilities in the whole US. As if that wasn’t enough, they are very flexible in terms of the pricing, which gives them a major advantage over their competition.

3) The Green Solution

This company had obtained quite a hefty funding before they started their business in 2010. These are other cannabis growers situated in Colorado with a whopping 4,000 square feet at their disposal.

At this moment, they have a total of 13 dispensaries, although they are constantly increasing this number. The same goes for their facilities; there is a good chance they will increase their properties in the near future, thus being able to supply more consumers in the US and worldwide.

According to their numbers, there is a good chance that the Green Solution will become one of the biggest (if not the biggest) providers of marijuana in the world.

Of course, if you don’t like going to dispensaries, you can order marijuana through their amazing website. They offer products such as pre-rolls, concentrates, flowers, drinks, edibles, clones, topicals, accessories, transdermal, and apparel. Basically, they have everything that a cannabis enthusiast would ever need.

4) Medicine Man

Most of these companies are worth mentioning because of their CBD products. The same goes for Medicine Man. With a “measly” initial funding of $1 million, the company of cannabis growers has managed to carve its way to the pinnacle of the cannabis industry.

Although they have just 3 dispensaries at the moment, the majority of clients are buying their products online. In fact, given the fact they have limited facilities compared to some of their competitors, they managed to do a really amazing job.

No matter what, don’t be fooled by the fact they have just 3 dispensaries; the company has a state-of-the-art facility that allows them to supply all their customers, locally and internationally. There are some rumors that the company is looking to expand, and we can expect it to come true in the near future.

5) Mindful

When it comes to modern cannabis companies that rely on high-tech solutions, there aren’t many organizations as Mindful. The company was backed by massive initial funding in 2016. They operate in Colorado and Illinois, where they have 6 dispensaries. Like other companies on this list, they have a big production facility.

However, the most impressive thing about Mindful is how advanced this facility is. It has a system of air filters, ensuring that the employees and visitors can never smell marijuana. In fact, the whole plant is hard to detect.

The cannabis growers from Mindful invest a lot in the environment, safety policies, and they try to cooperate with local authorities as much as possible. If you check their website, you will notice they put a special emphasis on patients who are in dire need of CBD marijuana.

6) Wellness Connection

Wellness Connection is a Maine-based cannabis company. Although this isn’t the biggest cannabis market in the US, Wellness Connection has it safely in their grasp. In 2015, they had revenues of around $15 million.

Although the company is relatively small when it comes to the number of employees, they provide some of the best quality products in Main and wider. They put patients in the first place. However, Wellness Connection also had its fair share of legal troubles.

The company had a legal dispute because of its use of illegal pesticides. Nevertheless, this didn’t prevent them from doing a great job in their own state.

7) Chalice Farms

Chalice Farms is a relatively new company, but then again, most companies on this list are. The cannabis growers represent one of the biggest cannabis growers in Washington and Ontario, the states that have a lot of marijuana lovers.

Although the company provides a great service and has one of the best websites in the industry, its reputation is based on the quality of their products. They make their own hybrids, some of which are world-renowned. On top of that, they have some amazing experts who are implementing top-notch growing methods.

As a result, their marijuana is a bit sweeter than the competition. As if that wasn’t enough, Chalice Farms is able to provide the same quality products all year long.

8) Euflora

Euflora is another Colorado company that made its way to our list. Although they have amazing facilities, these cannabis growers also offer 3rd party products. This way, they’re ensuring that the consumers always have a big assortment of goods at their disposal.

Interior design is one of the main reasons why they are so different from the competition. Each of their dispensaries looks fresh and green, reminding us of nature and natural products. But, that doesn’t mean they are slouches in terms of technology; they have some of the best internal processes in the industry.

If you visit one of their numerous dispensaries, you will be able to check samples of various marijuana strains. 

9) Bloom

Bloom is a company situated in Arizona, in places like Sedona, Phoenix, Tucson, Copper Country. They are pretty confident in the quality of their products, and they are not afraid to show it to the whole world.

As you can presume, they are growing their own cannabis and represent one of the biggest suppliers of not only Arizona but surrounding states as well. If you’re interested in their offer, we suggest that you go and check the site of these cannabis growers; they always have some amazing offers.

10) Northwest Cannabis Solutions

Although this company is dating back to 2015, they represents one of the best cannabis brands of the Northwest. In fact, they resemble a real 19th-century industrial company with its massive complex. Nevertheless, the cannabis growers of this firm rely on high technology to propel their business success.

They have one of the best marijuana labs in the US, and you can tell it by the quality of their products. One of the best features of Northwest Cannabis Solutions is their edibles. Based on their business model, there is a good chance that Northwest will quickly become one of the largest (if not the largest) producers of marijuana in the US.

They don’t have physical locations; instead, they specialize in growing cannabis. This saves them a lot of money and allows them to focus on production.

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