Cannabis Seeds Shipped to the USA – 6 Best Stores to Buy from

cannabis seeds shipped to the USA

If you’re looking for cannabis seeds shipped to the USA, you will be happy to hear there are a lot of companies that are doing business with the States.

Although there are numerous potential complications when it comes to shipping marijuana seeds to the United States, the majority of cannabis seed companies are willing to send you a package.

So, no matter the type of marijuana seeds you need, you can buy them online from one of the numerous international marijuana shops.

Given the sensitivity of the product, future cannabis growers can never be too cautious. This is why it’s crucial to only buy from reputable cannabis shops. 

In order to help you, we’ve created a shortlist that includes some of the best stores in the world. Check them out!

1) Seedsman

Even if you’re a cannabis layman, there is a good chance that you’ve heard of Seedsman. This UK company is always at the top of every marijuana-related list. No matter the product, you can get some premium items from this store. It has an amazing assortment of over 3,000 marijuana seeds. The company has been in business since 2003, and it has clients from all over the world, whether we’re talking about consumers or other marijuana companies. Like most other big cannabis brands, they have a unique set of hybrid weed seeds that can only be bought in their shop. Among others, they also have various CBD brands. So, if you have certain chronic issues such as pain, inflammation, insomnia, depression, you can get the right product in this store. Needless to say, the best thing about Seedsman is that you will never be disappointed in their quality. Cannabis seeds are shipped to the US as soon as you order them, and they will be at your doorstep in 7 to 25 days. The website supports several languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese. You are also able to pay with a credit card, debit card, pot money, bitcoin.

2) Seed Supreme Seed Bank

Although this is a very young brand, it is already starting to make waves within the cannabis industry. Seed Supreme Seed Bank has become one of the most trusted sources of cannabis seeds in the short amount of time they existed. Since 2013, they are providing cannabis-related goods to the whole world, including the US. You might be a bit tentative when dealing with such a young company, but the overwhelming number of positive reviews should provide enough reassurance. According to the common shipping policy, you will have to buy a certain amount of goods to get free shipping to the USA. Otherwise, it will cost you $15 (if you’re from the US, that is). After that, you can expect your package in 15 to 30 days. If your cannabis package comes with various toys, shirts, and other items, don’t be alarmed. This is just the way the company smuggles their cannabis seeds to the USA. The company also has a good loyalty program that keeps giving after each subsequent purchase. You can choose between more than 4,000 different seeds when buying from this shop.

3) I Love Growing Marijuana

Every shop on this list is awesome in its own regard and offer cannabis seeds shipped to the USA. But, if we were to recommend one shop based on its ability to deliver marijuana seeds to the US, we have to go with I Love Growing Marijuana. The company is situated in the Netherlands, and like most other marijuana stores from this country, it provides awesome service. As you can presume, they have some of the highest quality marijuana seeds that you can buy online. Perhaps the best feature and the main reason why you should choose this shop is their fast shipment. US customers can expect a package 10 to 15 days after placing an order. Another reason why you should consider them is the fact they’re willing to refund any seeds that are lost or seized by the Customs Office. Furthermore, if some of them cannot germinate, they will provide a refund on those particular seeds. Their website is really intuitive and provides support in Dutch, English, Spanish, and French.

4) MSNL Seedbank

MSNL is another Dutch company on this list. It is one of the oldest seedbanks in Europe dating back to 1999. Nowadays, their business is highly digitalized, having an amazing site with all the necessary information and products. It grows its own weed seeds, which are almost always of the highest quality. In fact, they’ve won a lot of accolades and awards over the years, which additionally solidifies their position on the market as one of the best providers of marijuana and related products. In order to ensure the quality of seeds, the company performs strict in-house testing. As a result, their seeds germinate in more than 90% of cases. They also have really fast cannabis seeds shipping to the USA; American customers will get their seeds after 6 to 20 days. Marijuana enthusiasts will also be thrilled to hear that you get 5 free seeds on every purchase. You can pay the seeds with either credit card, debit card, bank transfer, cash mail, or international money.

5) Crop King Seeds

Canadian companies are probably one of the best solutions for US customers. Crop King Seeds has started its operations in 2005, and today, they are regarded as one of the best web cannabis companies. But, unlike some other entries on our list, Crop King Seeds also have a lot of physical stores. Occupying more than 100 locations, they have become synonymous with cannabis sales in Canada. Needless to say, their products are of the highest quality, which can be seed through numerous awards they’ve received over time. If you’re a US customer, you can get marijuana seeds within 5 to 7 days with an express shipment or 14 days with a regular one. Although their selection is not as good as some other stores on the list, they still have high-quality products and success rates. To make things even better, if your seeds don’t manage to germinate, you can call their customer center and ask for new ones.

6) Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

The last entry on our list is Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds. All their seeds are lab tested, and with 50 different strains to choose from, you will find what you need in this online shop. The store has overwhelmingly positive reviews partially due to their amazing customer service. They are very forthcoming, regardless of your needs. They place a lot of focus on their CBD products and patients who may benefit from using them. Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds company is a great choice for newbie growers as they are willing to help you out during your first harvest. They will give you all the information necessary as well as some cool tips that should help you out. In a way, they are a one-stop-shop for all cannabis growers.


If this is your first time buying marijuana seeds, we suggest that you go with one of the most reputable cannabis seed banks in the world.

Although these stores are quite amazing, we can understand if you go with another company.

Just make sure they are reputable, they have a fast shipment to the USA, and they are willing to refund the money if anything goes wrong.

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