Indoor Marijuana Seeds: Top 5 Strains to Grow Indoors

indoor marijuana seeds

The first decision you need to make when growing cannabis from seeds is whether you want to do it indoors or outdoors. This initial choice will affect everything else you do, including the purchase of the equipment, harvesting, and of course, your choice of marijuana seeds. 

In most cases, marijuana growers will opt for one or another based on their available space. For example, Sativas tend to grow big, which is why they are much better for outdoor weed growing.

Naturally, there are a lot of indoor marijuana seeds that simply wouldn’t provide optimal results if you decide to grow them inside.

Most growers will find their favorite cannabis seeds after several harvests. Your choice of seeds also depends on the company’s overall marketing strategy.

Here are some of our top indoor marijuana seeds and why you should seriously consider indoor cannabis growing!

The main advantages of indoor growing

As previously mentioned, most people will choose indoor weed growing based on available space or convenience. However, there are numerous other advantages that you need to consider, as well.

We need to mention that outside growth isn’t necessarily bad. It is simply different. In most cases, your choice of indoor/outdoor will also depend on what types of cannabis strains you wish to grow.

Some of them prefer a closed environment while others will provide better results while outside, in the sun.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider indoor growing:

  • Controlled environment

Unlike outdoor growing, during which your plants are exposed to the elements, you are able to control every aspect of indoor growing. From sunlight to nutrients, there is nothing that can harm your plants. With that being said, we come to the second most important factor

  • Yield predictability

Given that you have a controlled environment, you are also able to control the yields. You will always have a harvest that is similar to your previous one. This is very important for big brands that have a constantly high demand. In turn, this predictability gives you a lot of leeways when growing the pot business

  • Having several harvests

Not only are you able to predict the yields of a single harvest, but given that you’re working in a closed environment, you can have several harvests during a year. This gives you a distinct advantage over everyone that is growing outside

  • Reduces security risks

Although you can never guarantee that your weed is 100% safe, you can at least relax a bit if you’re growing it in a closed environment. Unlike outdoor growing, you can hide the plants from your neighbors. Another benefit is that you can lock the container or the room where you’re growing cannabis thus preventing a theft

What is the perfect indoor marijuana seed?

It is really hard to determine what is the perfect strain for indoor growing. You can basically grow whatever you want because of the controlled environment, so it comes down to your personal preferences.

We would have to give an advantage to Indicas, though. They are smaller, which is much better if you’re restricted in terms of space. You can also focus on strains that provide high yields or that are expensive. Again, it all depends on your marketing strategy.

Now, let’s reviews some of our personal favorites when it comes to indoor marijuana seeds!

  • Critical

Critical is an Afghani/Skunk weed hybrid. It takes approximately 8 weeks to grow, which is rather fast for cannabis. It also provides high yields making it one of the most lucrative options for a company but at a reasonable price for consumers. With THC content of 18%, it will leave quite an impact on you. Critical will leave you completely stoned! To top it all off, the strain is quite resilient. Even if you decide to grow it outside, you can have amazing results.

  • Royal Cookies

Unlike Critical, Royal Cookies are a relatively unknown strain. Critical is a strain that has been around for a while, and the majority of large cannabis seed banks have in their offer. Although Royal Cookies is new and doesn’t have the same pedigree, there is enough proof that this strain will be one of the top sellers for years to come. These outdoor marijuana seeds are a result of crossbreeding Girl Scout Cookies. This is a notorious strain that provides a serious wallop. Furthermore, it is one of the hardest-hitting cannabis strains available in the US market. With 23% THC, it will cause a relaxed but euphoric high that you’ll surely remember afterward.

  • Green Gelato

Green Gelato is one of the best strains for indoor growing. It is created by combining Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout, both of which are held in high regard by marijuana connoisseurs. Like most other cannabis seeds, it got its name based on taste. Green Gelato is really fruity, combining citrus and earth flavors. Although it tastes sweet and gentle, it packs a punch. With 27% THC, it is one of the hardest-hitting strains in the world. Keep in mind that Green Gelato is not ideal for beginners. If you want to get optimal yields, you will have to employ various techniques. However, if you’re good enough, you can expect a yield of 700g/m square. The strain is balanced with just a tiny bit more Indica than Sativa.

  • Royal Gorilla

Today, Royal Gorilla is a popular global blend. Previously present only in the US, it quickly gained a positive reputation and spread all over the world. Royal Gorilla is the perfect combination of Indica and Sativa. It is really strong, averaging around 25% THC. It is a bit taller than the other entries on the list but still short enough to be a good choice for indoor growing. Royal Gorilla is the best example of what agriculture can do. It combines 3 different strains into this potent new indoor cannabis seed. Due to its strong smell, it is much better if you grow it indoors than outdoors. Otherwise, your neighbors will most likely notice your weed operation. An experienced grower can get around 600 grams per plant, which is a bit lower than the other entries on this list. However, Royal Gorilla makes it up in quality.

  • Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is another popular seed that has become globally renowned. It has 22% THC and provides an extreme high that will completely soothe your body. This makes it one of the best strains to smoke at the end of a long workday. It isn’t the easiest strain to grow. Amnesia takes around 11 weeks and some advanced skills. But, once the product is ready, you will realize it was more than worth it.


It is hard to argue against any of these strains.

Each one of these indoor marijuana seeds is ideal for a closed environment. They will give you a high-quality product which you can sell almost anywhere in the world.

Whether you decide to grow just one of them, or to combine several strains from the list, you will be very satisfied with the end results. 

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