How Much Do Weed Seeds Cost? 4 Main Factors for Marijuana Seed Prices

How much do weed seeds cost

Unlike some other businesses, you need a lot of money to start a cannabis seeds company. First and foremost, you need enough land to plant all these marijuana seeds.

If you have a bigger backyard, you might consider using it but, sooner than later, you will need to expand. Gardening equipment can also be quite expensive.

All these costs are even higher if you decide to grow cannabis in a closed environment. One of the things you definitely need to consider is how much weed seed cost.

This might not seem like a big thing, but once you start planting, the cost of marijuana can quickly shoot up.

The cost of cannabis seeds is especially important for cannabis enthusiasts and newbie entrepreneurs who simply want to try and grow cannabis in their garden.

In the end, you can live without some of the equipment, you don’t need to rent a plantation, but you cannot have cannabis without weed seeds!

The price of marijuana seeds can vary significantly depending on the cannabis seed bank and the weed strain. It also depends on the country of origin. If you’re an American who’s buying seeds from Europe, the expanses can ramp up pretty quickly.

Generally speaking, cannabis seeds price goes anywhere from 3 to 8 euros (4 to 9 dollars).

Let’s consider the main factors affecting the weed price as well as the price of better strains.

The main factors affecting weed seeds cost

There are lots of things we need to consider when it comes to cannabis price:

  • Cannabis company’s expenses
  • Potential legal issues
  • Strain quality
  • General economic factors
  • Location of a buyer
  • Cannabis company’s expenses

Needless to say, a cannabis company cannot sell the seeds if they’re unable to make a profit. Company expenses can easily drive the price of a product up. This may include costs such as wages, lease, equipment, transport costs, marijuana marketing expenses, etc.

1) Potential legal issues

Besides the general expenses, products like cannabis usually have hidden fees. These fees are in place to cover all the potential risks that a company has to endure. No one is prepared to smuggle marijuana if they’re not adequately compensated. But even if cannabis is legal in your US state, the marijuana companies are willing to ship the seeds to countries where it’s prohibited, which carries specific legal ramifications if they’re caught.

2) Strain quality

Strain quality will always have an impact on cannabis prices. It is simply impossible to sell high-quality products cheaply. Even if you’re buying in a cheaper store, you can expect that the costs of these products will be quite high. Still, if you’re want to find a particular strain, you can always browse numerous cannabis stores until you find the cheapest option.

Nowadays, there are a lot of hybrids out there. Almost every big cannabis company tinkers with various strains. This results in a competitive market that constantly gives us new and exciting alternatives.

Still, even if you know very little about a particular new hybrid weed strain, its quality is usually reflected in the pot price. Within one store, you can see numerous categorization, and you will quickly notice the products that are better in terms of their overall quality.

3) General economic factors

Like in any other industry, cannabis companies are affected by various economic factors and principles. The first one we have to mention is demand and supply. If a company gets a lot of inquiries, they have the option to increase their prices. The same goes for their most popular seed strains. Alternatively, they can lower the marijuana prices, thus trying to drive their competition out of business.

Companies that invest heavily in marketing also have the ability to alter their prices. We also need to consider things such as governments’ subsidies and incentives, the cost of labor in a particular country or a state, equipment and seed expenses, etc.

4) Location of a buyer

Although this is something that is rarely mentioned, the location of a buyer can have a major impact on the price of marijuana seeds. Perhaps the biggest issue with the industry today is a lack of unified regulation. This means that the citizens of certain states and countries don’t have the ability to buy weed within their home state. They will purchase cannabis from large international brands.

In most of the cases, these brands emphasize that they have free shipping. In reality, this is not true. There is always someone who pays for this shipping, and in one way or another, it will reflect on the end price of cannabis.

Our 10 favorite high-quality seeds

Although we tried to generalize and give you some approximation as to how much weed seeds cost, we need to be specific about these prices. As we’ve mentioned, numerous factors play a part in pricing, and it difficult to give a straight answer.

In an attempt to give you a better feel for high-quality seed prices, we have created this short list with our top 10 weed seeds.

If you’re a newbie grower, you cannot go wrong with any of these. Each one of these cannabis seeds has a fantastic taste and a great high.

Check them out!

1) The Oracle

If you’re looking for a hard-hitting Indica, there is only a handful of products that can be compared with the Oracle. This amazing cannabis strain provides about 45% THC and 20% CBD. You cannot find it in all the stores; even though it is costly, there is a handful of marijuana companies that actually grow these seeds. As one of the most luxurious marijuana strains in the world, it isn’t surprising that its seeds are sold for $200.

2) Fruity Pebbles

Inexperienced marijuana smokers may think that Fruity Pebbles is really strange for a cannabis seed, but this name reflects the product’s main features. If you give these seeds just the right amount of nutrients, you will get marijuana plants with rainbow-colored buds. Also, this strain has incredible fruity flavor and smell, which is very similar to that of Fruity Pebbles. It has around 22% THC, and the seeds cost approximately $150.

3) Kosher Kush

Kush hybrids are one of the most popular cannabis hybrids in the world, and the same goes for Kosher Kush. This strain has dominant Indica features and is one of the most luxurious marijuana strains. An ounce of Kosher Kush can go for $200 while its seeds are around $150. The main difference between this strain and other Indicas is that it has a really energetic high, which is a great option for all those who like to smoke during a day.

4) XJ – 13

There are lots of ways to measure the quality of a particular strain. For example, some believe that expensive cannabis seeds should always have a high THC content. Well, XJ – 13 proves these people wrong. With “measly” 23% THC, this Sativa dominant hybrid is renowned for its taste and a pleasant high. Like with most other luxurious hybrids on this list, you can’t find these seeds in every weed store. Its popularity varies from country to country, which can also affect weed price. However, if you’re buying weed seeds online, you can expect that its seeds will cost around $150.

5) Loud Dream

Although this cannabis has numerous features of a Sativa, it still provides a high that is common for Indicas. After smoking Loud Dream, you can expect to fall in a deep sleep and couch lock. This makes it ideal for all those who need to relax after a long day at work. It can also be good for certain medical conditions. The users praise its combination of an earthy and minty taste. Although it is powerful, it goes down easily. The seeds cost $150, and one ounce of the product can go for $400.

6) J1

Cannabis seeds with a perfect blend of Sativa and Indica are pretty rare. It is something that makes them unique and allows them to stand out from the rest of the crowd. J1 is one of these strains. Although these plants are quite massive, they also provide a major yield, which is why they are very lucrative for cannabis growers. The best thing is that you will grow a small number of plants without having to sacrifice the yield. J1 has 22% THC, and its seeds can be bought for $175.

7) White Fire OG

Here is another plant that combines the best qualities of Sativas and Indicas. White Fire OG provides a strong but energetic high. That makes them ideal for smoking weed during the day. While it is very expensive, there is no lack of demand. In fact, it is a bit easier to find compared to some other entries on this list. The seeds cost $100, and you can expect cannabis with 30%.

8) Irish Cream

There isn’t a person who doesn’t like Irish Cream! That being said, we are confident that you’ll enjoy this particular cannabis that resembles it. The coffee taste is really amazing, and you will like it whenever you decide to smoke it during the day. With 27% THC, it provides quite a kick. Irish Cream can be bought for $500 per ounce, or if you need seeds, they go for $125.


Weed seeds don’t cost that much. If you have already decided to pursue this career path, we suggest that you buy only the highest quality seeds from reputable cannabis stores. That way, you can rest assured that you will have good harvests.

You also have the option of growing luxurious, expensive seeds. They are a bit more expensive, but you will make a lot of profit by selling flowers. You can also check our web stores if you want to find some good strains.

We are always at your disposal if you have any questions or wish to consult regarding the delivery.

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