Feminized Seeds: How to Feminize Cannabis Seeds

feminized marijuana seeds

What are feminized marijuana seeds, and how can we benefit from them?

If you ever bought cannabis seeds online, you probably noticed that most companies prioritize feminized seeds. Although this might seem a bit strange to a non-specialist, there is a good reason for this.

When planting marijuana in your garden, you are striving to produce cannabis flowers. They are the part which we use for smoking. Besides the flowers, you can also get new seeds.

They are created when male cannabis plants pollinate female plants. Although seeds are valuable by themselves, it is much more lucrative to grow flowers and sell them online.

When you buy a bag of feminized seeds, you are preventing accidental pollination, thus ensuring you will only get flowers. Today, the top cannabis companies in the US have developed a method that would allow them to focus on feminized marijuana seeds.

Here are some of the main things you need to know about them.

What are the differences between male and female plants?

First of all, let’s consider some of the main differences between male and female plants.

If you have a regular marijuana garden, you will have a mix of male and female plants with an approximately 50/50 split. There is nothing strange about this. In fact, this is how nature intended things.

Some plant species have male and female individuals (like cannabis), which allows them reproduction. In most cases, you will have so-called monoecious plants where one plant has both sets of sex organs and is able to pollinate itself. 

The reason why feminized seeds have become so popular is that it isn’t economically feasible to have male plants.

Basically, if you’re focusing on growing flowers, you cannot have male cannabis in your backyard. Not only do they pollinate females, but they also take a lot of space.

Male and female or just female seeds?

So, you have two options at your disposal: you either plant male and female cannabis seeds together and remove males as you identify the sex of weed plants, or you avoid planting male seeds in the first place.

Having mixed seeds is problematic on several levels. Besides potential pollination, if you decide to have mixed cannabis seeds, you will need to check them each day when they start forming sex organs.

You will also need to remove all the male plants as soon as you notice them. This would add to your workload. Now, this might not seem like a big deal, but if you have a big cannabis plantation, the time and money required can add up, increasing the overall waste.

Before we had feminized seeds, the marijuana growers would plant twice as many seeds to counter all the males they would need to remove. Still, that means they had to buy more seeds and to grow additional plants they didn’t need in the first place. 

Needless to say, it is an inefficient way of running a business.

The main benefits of having feminized cannabis seeds

So far, it seems that feminized seeds are quite remarkable and that they’re an optimal solution for your garden.

Here are some additional things you need to know about them. Stay with us!

1) Streamlining the process

If you want your cannabis business to succeed, it is necessary to streamline the processes and remove any guesswork. With feminized seeds, you are able to remove a lot of potential risks and to simplify everything. In turn, this would lead to higher yields, but it will also make it easier to predict how much-finished product you will have after each harvest.

2) Better utilization of space

When you have both sexes, you have to grow a lot of plants that you don’t need. Cannabis, like many other plants, will grow as big as you allow it to grow. If you restrict its space, access to water, nutrients, and sunlight, it will produce much worse results. By having more space, it will be easier to move around and to treat your plants the right way.

3) Maximizing human resources

The most annoying thing about male cannabis is how much time you need to invest in growing these plants just to discard them afterward. You will need to work for weeks until you can securely determine the sex of a plant. As previously mentioned, this is even worse if you have a big plantation as it will sap a lot of your time. Alternatively, if you’re paying someone to grow marijuana from seeds for you, these wages will drive your costs up, which will affect your ability to compete on the open cannabis market.

How do we get feminized seeds?

You’re probably now wondering, how are we able to ensure that the particular cannabis seeds are of the female sex? There are several methods that marijuana growers use to get these seeds.

The first one is by causing excess stress to a plant. This technique is used during the cannabis flowering stage. Unfortunately, it isn’t as efficient as some other methods.

For example, most growers prefer using colloidal silver or silver thiosulphate solution. By spraying these substances all over the plants, you are able to ensure they grow into females. A great benefit of this technique is that you’re not making any changes to their genetics.

Colloidal silver and silver thiosulphate solution are products that combine water and silver. You can’t go wrong with either one of them; both can work well for ensuring plants’ sex. They work by preventing the production of female flowering hormone ethylene.

When the cannabis starts flowering, it will produce male flowers. However, this shouldn’t concern you as these male flowers will carry female genetics. When they pollinate other flowers, female genetics will be spread around, ensuring that you almost always get feminized cannabis seeds.

Last thoughts

Feminized marijuana seeds have become the staple of the cannabis industry. It is really hard to run a profitable business if you don’t rely on them. The difference between these seeds and the regular ones is enormous.

If this is your first time growing marijuana, we suggest that you simply buy cannabis seeds instead of trying to determine plants’ sex. It will save you a lot of time, and will also allow you to focus on some other processes.

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