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If you’re an inexperienced pot grower, you probably have a lot of questions on your mind.

One of the main issues that entrepreneurs have is buying the right marijuana seeds. You have to consider things such as environmental factors, market saturation, and popularity, profitability, whether you will grow seeds indoors or outdoors, etc.

Often, the growers will buy marijuana seeds that aren’t suitable for their operation. Perhaps they don’t have the means to grow them, or maybe they don’t know how to optimize the yield. This will result in a wasted harvest of weed, which is the last thing you need as a new cannabis company.

So, we decided to create a short article that will teach you some basics. Here are some of the best tips and considerations when purchasing marijuana seeds. Enjoy!

What are your goals when ordering cannabis seeds? 

Before we get into cannabis strains and types, we want to ask you: What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish?

By properly formulating your goals, it will be much easier to buy marijuana seeds online. For some people, this article could be too much to digest as they just want to mess around the garden, trying to grow some cannabis for their personal stash.

But, most of the guys are serious about their marijuana, and they want to have a big, beautiful backyard full of these babies.

Here are seven of the main things you need to consider when formulating your cannabis growing goals:

  • Are you doing it for fun or for a profit?
  • How big is your garden? Perhaps you’re growing indoors?
  • What kind of climate does your region have?
  • Do you have the right equipment to protect your plants?
  • Do you wish to grow CBD cannabis or regular weed?
  • Will you lose money if the harvest flops?
  • Do you want to grow various strains?

As you can see, it is necessary to create a proper plan before you embark on this adventure. There are so many things that you need to go through, and although your plants might change, it is necessary to have at least some inkling of what you want to do.

Buying marijuana seeds: The main factors you need to consider

If you want to buy marijuana seeds, it is first necessary to know a few things about the plants themselves.

Marijuana plants are either males, females, or hermaphrodites. Although this might seem like a minor thing, it is actually the most critical consideration when purchasing marijuana seeds online.

For example, male pot seeds are widely considered useless, which is why most companies sell only female cannabis seeds. In fact, male plants can even ruin your females, so be careful when making a purchase.

The marijuana that we smoke comes from seedless female plants. Sometimes, you will have to deal with hermaphrodite plants that have both sets of sex organs. They can self-pollinate themselves. But, we suggest that you focus on female seeds if you’re a newbie. 

After every pollination, new seeds will be made. When these seeds become mature, they will simply fall off the plants. Later on, you can use these seeds to grow new plants, or you can use them for some other things. 

What are the main differences between male and female plants?

As already mentioned, you should always focus on having female plants. But, let’s give a bit deeper explanation as to what separates the two cannabis sexes.

First of all, as a marijuana grower, you should be able to distinguish which is which. The best way of doing that is by monitoring their growth. The first sex characteristics appear during the pre-flowering stage.

After the first 6 weeks, you should be able to tell which are male and which are female plants. If you bought mixed seeds, we recommend that you call an inexperienced grower for your first harvest. 

Female cannabis seeds can be distinguished by their buds. They appear between the branches and main stock. One day, these buds will become flowers, which will later be used for a final marijuana product.

You can also tell female plants based on the white pistil hairs in the place of buds. Each bud will have one or two white hair protruding from them. As time goes by, these hairs will change colors, turning into white or orange.

On the other hand, we have male weed seeds. You can easily tell them because they carry pollen sacs. They are different from the female buds because they are in a tulip shape and because they don’t have any hairs growing from them. In a way, they might resemble a penis a bit.

As we already said, it is best to remove male plants as soon as you notice them. Male cannabis pollinates female cannabis as soon as it matures. That will cause female plants to produce seeds instead of flowers.

Although you can still use seeds for the future harvest (or you can simply resell them), most marijuana growers need flowers as they are the part that is smoked.

What is the difference between seeds and clones?

If you’ve browsed around a bit, you might’ve noticed a lot of companies that are offering cannabis clones. So, you’re probably wondering now what the main difference between weed seeds and clones is?

We get clones when we cut off a part of the plant. It is a reproductive process where we take branches, replant them, and try to get another yield.

Creating clones can be a bit hard for inexperienced cannabis growers, and we suggest that you avoid this technique (at least for the time being).

Clones are created in order to get as much as possible from your seeds. However, there are many more benefits from using seeds straight up than trying to reproduce harvest. For example:

  • If you decide to go with seeds, you have to remember that they’re able to grow a taproot. This root will help anchor the plant. Unlike seeds, clones don’t have a tap root, which results in a lower resilience. The lack of root also affects their ability to absorb nutrients from the ground meaning that these plants are less healthy on average
  • We get clones from the same plant. If you decide to buy marijuana seeds, you will have a wider variety of marijuana strains in your garden. This is very important for cannabis stores that pride themselves in large product assortment
  • Clones cannot provide the same yield, and they are much more susceptible to pests and disease
  • Lastly, you need some agricultural knowledge to create your own clones

What are the main types of cannabis seeds?

Besides the fact you need to recognized differences between cannabis sexes and strains, you also need to learn about different types of marijuana seeds.

If you don’t understand weed types, it will be much harder to make an educated purchase, which in turn may result in a bad harvest.

Here are the 3 main cannabis seed types. Check it out!

1) Common weed seeds

As the name implies, this is the most traditional, most common marijuana product that you can buy marijuana seeds in an online cannabis store.

The companies sometimes sell packages with both female and male plants. These seeds haven’t been altered in any way, and when you buy a package, you can expect to get about 50% males and 50% females.

These packages can be useful to people who want to grow their own seeds but are bad for those who want to get the finished product. Alternatively, it is possible to use common cannabis seeds if you can identify sex early on.

Still, you will have to pull out males before they can pollinate females, which takes some additional work.

2) Feminized marijuana seeds

As the name implies, these packages are full of female seeds. These products are great for all those who don’t want to waste any additional time in segregating the plants.

Keep in mind that the feminized seeds are made through a process of feminization. In other words, the growers will take products such as colloidal silver to alter plants’ growing patterns forcing them to turn female.

The main thing with feminized strains is that there is a unique chance to avoid the appearance of hermaphrodites. This is pretty awesome, as it can increase your yield by a lot. In fact, by simply not planting male cannabis, you will have much more space for females, and thus, you will get a much more finished product.

Inexperienced growers should definitely buy these seeds. You won’t have to trouble yourself with male counterparts and all the issues that come with it. It is something you can do after you get a few harvests under your belt.

3) Autoflower seeds

The third group is quite specific.

Autoflowering seeds don’t have anything to do with plants’ sex. Instead, they are mainly focused on the way plants are growing.

As you can tell by its name, these cannabis seeds are able to flower without anyone’s help. They will automatically bear flowers once they reach a certain stage of their development.

Autoflowering seeds don’t have the same amount of light as some other cannabis types making them ideal for harsh environments and unpredictable weather.

You can buy either common seeds or feminized seeds. Again, it depends on your needs and preference. Autoflowering seeds are probably the best option for newbie growers as they can bear seed even if you mess everything up.

These strains are common for cold climates, which is why they’re so resilient in the first place. 

Another thing you need to note is that these plants flower a bit quicker compared to other cannabis plants.

Where to buy cannabis seeds? 4 Best cannabis companies

Watch the video to learn how to buy pot seeds legally

Here is our list with 4 of the top weed seed banks where you can buy cheap marijuana seeds of high quality!

1) WhollyCal

Although WhollyCal is a relatively new name within the cannabis industry, they’ve already started making waves. The company is one of the premium news sources and sites where you can buy marijuana seeds. They also have a vast collection of cannabis products. No matter what you order, you can rest assured that the package will reach you rather quickly. The best thing about this company is that they’re reliable and no matter what issues you’re facing, they will help you out.

2) Seedsman

Seedsman is one of the most reputable cannabis companies in the world. They’ve been in business for quite a while, and regardless of where you live, they will be able to deliver cannabis seeds to your home address. Seedsman has an amazing assortment of marijuana-related products. They’ve been in business since 2003, and during that time, they’ve created quite a reputation for themselves. To make it even easier, they accept various payment methods such as credit and debit cards, checks, money orders, virtual currencies, and so on. So, regardless of your payment method at your disposal, you will be able to purchase from their online store.

3) MSNL seeds

When talking about the oldest marijuana seed brands in the world, it is hard not to mention MSNL seeds. This company was established back in 1999, and since 2003, they have a working website that allows international purchases. There are lots of reasons why you should choose them. There is a good reason why they have such a good reputation. MSNL seeds have fast, stealth deliveries ensuring that you get the goods no matter what. The most exciting thing about them is that they don’t have a huge product line. Instead, they only have a small selection of strains that they produce themselves. Still, it’s one of the go-to places where you can get weed seeds.

4) The Vault 

If you are a new grower with limited experience, we recommend that you try the Vault. They are a newer company dating back to 2012. They have astounding customer service, and whenever you buy a new product, you also get some free seeds with it. The Vault is also famous for the quality of seeds they provide. They get their cannabis from trusted sources, so the end-users don’t have to worry about a thing. Like most other cannabis stores, they have stealth shipment, which is vital for customers who live in countries and states where cannabis seeds are prohibited. Lastly, they accept various forms of payment, which is great for international customers.


These are the main things you need to consider before you buy marijuana seeds. We also showed you where to buy cannabis seeds of the highest quality.

We didn’t talk about strains in this particular article due to the complexity of the issue.

Like with any other product, choosing the strain is more of a preference thing. Depending on the type you’re using, you will have end-products with a different taste, smell, and high.

However, we suggest that you have as many strains as possible. Some of them are more popular; others are less popular. It all depends on what your customers want to smoke.

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