Indica Seeds: 10 Best Strains in the World

indica seeds

Growers usually love Indica seeds and plants. They are very responsive, resilient, and they provide awesome yields.

These plants are rather small, which is ideal for all those who want to conceal their marijuana activity. Indica is known for its ability to relax and unwind a person.

Nowadays, Indica seeds are especially popular among CBD producers. They are often connected to the treatment of anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia.

As such, the plant is very common among patients and people who are suffering from some chronic issues. In terms of smell and flavor, Indicas are usually much stronger, more pungent than its Sativa counterparts.

Here are the top 10 Indica seeds that you should grow on your property. Check them out!

1) Ice

Ice is probably one of the most renowned Indica strains in the world. If you just look at this plant, it will quickly become obvious where it got its name. The plant’s buds look like they’re frostbitten. It looks really amazing, but it’s even better when smoked. Ice stands for Indica Crystal Extreme, which is the most appropriate name for this marijuana strain. Another major benefit of Ice is how quickly it bears yield; you will have the first harvest within 8 weeks. Keep in mind that you can prolong the process a bit and harvest it after 10 weeks or so. This Indica seed is created by mixing Afghan, Skunk, and Northern Lights. Perhaps the biggest issue with Ice is that it doesn’t produce as high yields as some other weed strains. You will get around 55 to 65 grams per plant, but the flavor and makes up for it.

2) Northern Light

Northern Light is an Indica strain that has been used for many other hybrid strains. It is a common parent of numerous other cannabis seeds which speaks volumes of its popularity. If you decide to plant its seeds in the garden, you can expect a product that causes a heady, couch-lock high. Northern Lights has a specific flavor to it, and it is really hard to mistake it for some other marijuana strains.

3) Blue Mystic

Blue Mystic is a combination of Oregon and California Indica seeds. It is a very popular product that will give yields after 8 weeks. Its fruity flavor is pretty amazing, so don’t be surprised if people start ordering it like crazy. The plant is about 1-meter-tall, which makes it an ideal option for both indoor and outdoor growing. Some cannabis growers like to trim it in order to increase the potential yield.

4) Special Kush 1

If you are an inexperienced marijuana grower, and you still have limited knowledge of advanced techniques, we suggest that you try growing Special Kush 1. This plant can go up to 3 meters, and it simply loves warm climates. You can easily grow it outside, and although it has a bit smaller yield, the plant has amazing taste and high.

5) Bubble Kush

There are a lot of Kush variations and hybrids out there, and it is sometimes really hard to find the one that suits your taste. Bubble Kush is an Indica seed that you definitely should try growing. It has around 19% THC, which makes it hard-hitting cannabis. We suggest that you use it in the evening, after a long workday. Bubble Kush provides quick relaxation, and it can also promote better sleep. If you decide to grow it indoors, it can go up to 140 centimeters. Outdoor plants can grow up to 200 centimeters. 

6) Pineapple Kush

It is obvious how this cannabis strain got its name. With its pleasant pineapple taste (with hints of caramel and vanilla), it is a real joy to smoke. However, don’t be misled by this sweet taste; Pineapple Kush is really strong. It will create a heady high, but it isn’t as physical as some other Kushes.

7) OG Kush

Like Northern Lights, OG Kush is one of the most recognizable Indica hybrid weed strains in the world. It is very strong, and you will quickly memorize its pleasant flavor. When talking about flavor, it has a specific dank aftertaste. Its high is also quite specific, and there is a good chance this will become one of your favorite blends in no time. 

8) Fat Banana

Again, you can easily tell how this Indica seed got its name. Its sweet banana taste will quickly become your favorite. These cannabis seeds are a result of C. Banana and OG Kush. Also, there is a good reason why they call it fat – its yields are quite enormous! You can expect anywhere between 350 and 400 grams per meter square. You will also need strong 600W lights to get this yield. Fat Banana takes about 2 months. The best thing is that you will get a product that contains 25% THC.

9) Speedy Chile

Speedy Chile is the fastest flowering Indica seed on our list. You can get it by combining Chile Indica and Green Poison. It provides a bit different high compared to some other Indicas. It will make you alert throughout the high. This is why Speedy Chile is such an amazing option for all those who love to smoke cannabis during the day.

10) Royal Cookies

Royal Cookies are a real royal treat. These are extremely popular Indica seeds that provide an amazing aroma that is similar to that of cookies. Better yet, the cannabis strain will provide stimulation to your whole body. It is extremely relaxing and has around 23% THC. Royal Cookies can also be used by people who are suffering from muscle spasms and other muscle conditions. Keep in mind that Royal Cookies have a strong kick, so try to pace yourself.


There we go! This is our list with the top 10 Indica seeds in the world.

The marijuana strains are great for growers, but what’s even more important is that the end products are popular among consumers.

That means that you will have easy harvests but will also have stuff that you can easily and quickly sell.

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