Moon Rocks: What Are They and How Are They Made?

moon rocks

When people hear the word “moon rocks” they most likely picture the likes of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong. But “moon rocks” doesn’t have anything to do with the moon. It refers to highly potent cannabis that will most likely send your soul to heaven and back. 

Marijuana fanatics claim that it is the champagne of weed. Others even call it caviar. We can’t refute- because, honestly speaking, smoking it is the ultimate way to enjoy marijuana. It is like a turbo-charged bud, and even regular smokers with high weed tolerance will be floored.

If you’re looking to get high to the extent that you won’t feel your eyebrows or facial features, keep reading to find out everything about this miracle herb.

What Are Moon Rocks?

The exact origin of Moon Rocks is a bit fuzzy, but reports say that they were first concocted in a dispensary called Starbudz760. They became a thing when legendary West Coast rapper Kurupt made hype about it and even trademarked his own version of alias Kurupt Moonrock.

These super nuggets are an overload of THC – and are essentially made by dipping or spraying a chunk of marijuana into a concentrate or hash oil. Most of them are made with GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) flowers and concentrates, but all other strains are still okay. 

The coated marijuana nag is then rolled in Kief (the sticky tar that’s usually found on cannabis flowers). This tar contains a Megazord of terpenes and cannabinoids. Even though the potency of Moon Rock varies depending on how it’s made, the consensus is that it contains up to 50% THC.

How to Smoke Moon Rocks

Moon rocks pack a powerful punch that any cannabis lover would want to experience. Expect to be hit by a delectably overwhelming dose of high. Plus, the fact that nags are soaked generously into cannabis oil ensures that the entire nugget sizzles away with THC goodness. 

As soon as you inhale, the high hits you instantly with those “OMG this is crazy” feelings. Most people go on to inhale several lungfuls of the THC, as they suck the bong furiously to capture every last drop of this potent smoke.

Perhaps the best way to smoke a moonrock is to drop one nugget into a bong and prepare to get lunar proportions of THC. The moon rock will keep burning for hours, all thanks to the generous concentration of oils inside it. A single nugget is usually enough to get several people high.

Trying to roll a nugget in a joint is usually hard and messy because of all the oils. A vaporizer can be used instead. All you have to do is drop a tiny chunk into it. You’ll want to start at lower temperatures so that the vapors are released gradually and slowly because it can send even the most seasoned smokers flying extra high.

How Does It Feel to Smoke Moon Rocks?

The high is something out of this world. It is indescribable. You’ll literally go to Mars and probably live there for the next 12 hours or so. Starting in the brain, and eventually sipping into all other veins in the body, the high will hit you like a ton of bricks. 

Slowly at first, but I can guarantee you that 30 minutes later, you’ll be at the mercies of an over speeding train that you may not have been prepared to board in the first place. Just a few blazes and I can tell you for sure; the high is one you’ll never forget. 

How to Make Your Own Moon Rocks

Even though most moon rocks are made using GSC flowers and concentrates, you can make your own version at home the way you like it. You’ll need the following items to get started:

-Cannabis nuggets from your favorite strain

-Cannabis concentrate/hash oil from your favorite strain

-A vast collection of Kief from the bottom of your weed grinder

-A liquid dropper

-A pair of tweezers

Step 1: Take a huge nugget of your favorite cannabis flower. It is advisable to use dense, hard nags, although these will be slow to absorb all of the concentrate/oil. Some people prefer to use slightly lighter nuggets, which are more porous. These nuggets will soak up a pretty good amount of cannabis concentrate/oil, which makes the end product even more potent.

Step 2: Dip the nuggets into your favorite concentrate/oil. Some people inject the concentrate into the lump. It’s advisable first to warm the oil to reduce its viscosity and make it easier for the chunk to drench fully. When you pop open a nugget, you should see oil fully embedded into every fiber of the moon rock. If you see a lot of bare spots, it’s a sign that the nugget was not left to soak in oil properly. If the lumps are rock hard, it’s advisable to heat the oil until it becomes liquid enough, then take time to fully soak the chunks inside for a few minutes (not a few seconds). Using some tweezers will help keep everything clean and tidy. Take care not to over-saturate because this could lead to delayed drying and difficulty when it comes to lighting.

Step 3: Next, use your tweezers to carefully pick up the coated nugget and roll it in Kief until it is completely covered with all that THC goodness.

Step 4: Set your nugget aside, and leave it to dry until it’s time for action.

Final Words

Even regular marijuana smokers confess that Moon Rocks can be a bit too much to handle. If you’re just a once-in-a-while smoker, then you’ll likely find it way too strong, and be intoxicated for up to 8 hours straight. Even experienced cannabis fanatics take a 2-hour break after smoking these super-potent nuggets. Exercise a lot of caution, because you may be in for a rude shock. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking to get quick relief from your symptoms, these nuggets are your best bet. They’ll give you fast and powerful relief within record time. 

All in all, if you are going to be hitting some of these superpowers, you should be in a comfortable, relaxing environment because you’ll literally be in freeze mode for a long, long time. (but it’s all worth it by the way). 

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