How to Get Rid of Marijuana Smell Like a Pro

How to Get Rid of Marijuana Smell Like a Pro

We all know that marijuana is a flower. And just like any other flower, it produces terpenes. Terpenes have a distinct smell that attracts pollinators while keeping predators at prey. 

This is also what gives cannabis the lovely scent we all crave. The downside is that it may stink up your home. The smell of fresh, frosty, or smoked bud can linger around the house like the body spray of a mistress. 

Just like a mistress, this trail betrays you and tells everyone who walks in the door that you’ve been blazing all kinds of joints, moonrocks, and vapes. 

Not everyone likes the smell of weed, and some people downright hate it. So whether you are looking to avoid criticism from your parents or nagging roommate, or don’t want to be thrown out of your apartment by a Jeff Sessions look alike, you need to kill that scent, and fast!

In our piece today, we give you 5 handy tips to get the weed smell out of your house, whether you have an hour to clear the scent or a few days to erase it altogether.

Getting Rid of Weed Smell in Less than an Hour

If your mom, boss or an officer just called in for a visit (and you’ve literally been smoking away the entire afternoon), don’t panic, you can still eliminate that stinky odor of weed. Even if your house reeks like a wet poncho after a sweaty concert, you can turn the situation around.

First, open all the windows and doors in your house. Let some fresh air get into the house and circulate. If you have a ceiling fan, turn it on and let it spin. If you have a box fan, press the start button and let it face the window. In fact, the closer you can get it to the window, the better.

Next, dump the roaches, empty any ashtrays, empty the bong water and take the bin out. Now, grab some freshener and douse the place up. Your room will soon be smelling like spring flowers, and you can sure get away with anything at this point.

Getting Rid of Weed Smell if You Have a Day

Ok, let’s say you have more time on your hands. You’re still being visited by your mom, boss, or officer. You feel you should have been more proactive, but they are coming in less than 24 hours.

With just a day in your hands, what do you do to get rid of marijuana whiff?


Incense is the classic scent remover that every cannabis connoisseur should use. It’s the perfect solution to masking a variety of odors. Grab one or two incense sticks, pop them into a holder, and light them up. Their pungent smell will completely mask the scent of cannabis such that when your guests come in, you won’t be looking all uncultured.

Scented Candles

If you don’t think this old-age trick will work for you, scented candles are a more refined way of covering up whatever scents are haunting your house. Just like incense sticks, they will mask out the smell of cannabis without being too overwhelming. 

However, unlike incense sticks, you won’t have to deal with leftover ash. You will also have a wider array of scents to choose from to create the perfect blend of aromas in your home. Scented candles have a strong fragrance that will throw off any other smell into the air.

Air-Freshener Plug-In

You’re probably thinking that all of this is already a tad too much. Still, the secret to completely masking out the smell of cannabis is a constant supply of fresh scents to cover any marijuana odor continuously.

An air-freshener plug-in does this and so much more. It has a strong fragrance that will throw off any other odor into the air and is the perfect mask to any marijuana odor that might be trying to make a comeback as your guests relax in the lounge.

Covering the Smell of Marijuana if You Have a Weekend

If you have a lot more time to prepare for your guests, say a whole weekend, then you should really get down and dirty with rags, brushes, and buckets to truly clean out any lingering cannabis smell rather than just masking it out.

For this chore, you’ll need two things: some music on the stereo or a Netflix show that you can tune out of, something in the lines of baking or crime. Just kidding!

You’ll, of course, need a vacuum to suck out all of the dirt and smell that has settled into your expensive couch and carpet. But if your carpet has also changed from its original color to a rainbow mixture of all sorts, you’ll probably need a shampooer.

Luckily for you, most grocery stores offer them for rental, and using them is as easy as ABC. Simply pour hot water and detergent into the reserve, press the start button, and watch as your carpet is restored to factory settings.

Next, get some Lysol all-purpose cleaner or any other cleaning agent, and give your walls and floors a good wipe-down. An all-purpose cleaner is a perfect enabler to wiping down any old resin, crumbly bits of weed, and sticky tar that reeks. When that is done, you’ll be surprised at how clean and fresh your house is. 

Finally, finish off with a powerful odor remover. The best part about an odor remover is that it will not just mask the trail of cannabis as air fresheners do. It will go a step further- sucking out any lingering cannabis odor out of the air- rather than just disguising it.

The fragrance of an odor remover spray is so strong that it will not only get rid of marijuana smell but also any other unpleasant scent in your house. The result: a house that smells fresh, aromatic, and sweet!

Final words

And that, my fellow marijuana fans, is how you completely get rid of the smell of marijuana from your room. Or, just don’t smoke weed and forget you’re supposed to host your mom, boss, and parole officer.

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