How to Make Weed Last Longer? 5 Ways to Prolong Your Stash

How to Make Weed Last Longer

If you blaze cannabis once in a while during those far-in-between house parties, then it’s unlikely to be a habit that dents your pocket.

However, we are all aware of the numerous people who rely on cannabis for medical reasons, as well as a few others who light up a joint every evening after a long day at work.

I’ll say this for sure: marijuana is not cheap, and it’s not just the weed or the money that you should be considering here.

You also have to factor in the equipment that one uses to get the coveted high. We are talking papers, pipes, bongs, vapes, and one-hitters… the entire list can break the bank if you’re a big weed connoisseur.

While it certainly needs a high level of self-control to ration your pot stash, there are so many things you can do to blaze on a budget and conserve those buds for a long, long time.

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So, if you’ve been wondering what the heck to do to make your weed last from paycheck to paycheck, here are our favorite tips on how to make weed last longer.

1) Ration weed like a pro by distributing your pot across an ingenious S-M-T-W-T-F-S packing box

I usually purchase half an ounce of weed (which is typically 14 grams) because it comes with the best price discount. In an ideal scenario, this amount would last me 14 days – a gram a day, right? But, I usually deplete this in just seven days.

However, if I’d be able to ration marijuana well, it should last up to 14 days. Here’s how:

Take the entire 14 grams, crush the nags into 14 portions of 1 gram each, and store them in those ingenious S-M-T-W-T-F-s cases that women use to keep track of their daily family planning pills. Just shove the buds into each day, and think of it as a “marijuana diet.”

If you’re really looking to ration your cannabis like a pro, this is your best solution. Create weed portions and set the pace for conserving your stash.

2) Adopt the Zero-Waste Approach. Think of it as a savings solution for kief

Have you ever stopped to look at the amount of weed that breaks off the weed grinder when crushing? You’d be shocked at the quantity that goes to waste. Even more mortifying is the fact that most people simply gather the bits and throw them in the bin.

Believe it or not, these pieces pack one heck of a high. And if you didn’t know, they are 100% smokable. Commonly called kief, they collect at the bottom part of the grind, and are often thrown away because people think they are useless.

In reality, kief is exceptionally potent and is often used to make cannabis concentrates. In fact, most dispensaries sell kief because it’s medically beneficial.

If you want to save some cash – as well as pot – collect all that kief and keep it away for rainy days. It may just be a random collection of leftover buds that you’ve stocked up the entire month, but it’s one of the best ways to get high when your supply is low. Plus, you ensure that nothing goes to waste.

3) Go Slow on the Joints and Blunts, Don’t Be Greedy

We all know there’s nothing as satisfying as holding a fat juicy joint that is filled to the brim with your favorite dose of THC. It simply looks, tastes, and feels fantastic! However, the biggest downside to those big-ass, giant blunts is the cost.

If you’re going to be using your best buds in every joint, you’ll definitely deplete your stash in a few days. Not to mention, you’ll likely spend hundreds of dollars every week on marijuana – and that is not an effective way to live – or conserve cannabis for that matter.

If you want to be smart with how you consume weed, you should try to downsize how much you roll into the blunt or joint. Creating thinner joints is one way to do so. You’ll not only use less marijuana, but you’ll also allow your wallet to stay a little fatter.

And if you think you won’t really get as high as you’d like with a thinner joint, think again – the fatter a joint is, the more bud will go to waste and end up in unusable ash, unlike with thinner joints.

4) Try a one-hitter or chillum. It not only conserves weed but also keeps things looking discreet and clean

If you’re only familiar with the old-school methods of smoking weed, you may not be savvy to the benefits of a one-hitter or chillum.

I do not know the chemistry behind the one-hitter, but it usually gets me as high as a kite off just one huge hit. I’m definitely a huge advocate. Just $10, and you’ve got yourself a couple of one-hitters to last you a few weeks.

The same applies to a chillum, which gives you two clean doses in each hit. A one-hitter will give you just one dose then be depleted, but a chillum will give you two (or more doses) if you tilt the bowl just right. Either way, you’ll definitely be as high as you need to be for the day.

If one or two doses isn’t enough (even though it’s likely to be because one-hitters and chillums pack a powerful punch), then you are free to fill it up again, and you’ll still be using less marijuana than if you were smoking a joint.

5) Skip the Routine Wake ‘n’ Bake and Save Those Buds for Hard Times

No one indulges in a glass of wine as soon as they wake up in the morning, so why smoke weed that early in the day? The whole idea behind wake ‘n’ bake was an indulgence meant to be enjoyed only on those dreary Sundays.

We agree that there’s something so refreshing about that morning blaze, but the earlier you do it, the more you’ll crave it throughout the day in a bid to maintain that feel-good vibe.

With that said, smoking weed early in the morning can quickly become costly because you’ll soon deplete your stash. Plus, if you do smoke marijuana daily, you’ll develop a higher marijuana tolerance to it, and end up using more and more each time.

Passing on the wake ‘n’ bake, and indulging only in the evening, can be a more cost-effective way to enjoy your stash and conserve it for longer.

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