How to Grind Weed Without A Grinder

How to Grind Weed Without a Grinder

You’ve probably been there before; just bought some quality bud and are eager to roll it up or pack it inside a bowl for your next booze.

You start to look around for your favorite weed grinder, only to realize it’s nowhere near.

What do you do? Can you grind weed without a grinder? 

I’d be damned! We all know the ingenuity of a starved marijuana fanatic knows no bounds. From modest old-school hacks to laughable but trophy-worthy tips, we can do anything given access to simple household tools.

In our article today, we list 8 nifty hacks to help you deconstruct your buds without the help of a grinder. 

However, I must say that using anything other than a cannabis grinder may impact the quality of your stash.

But again, desperate times call for desperate measures, and the following eight tips will serve you just fine without ruining your lovely evening.

1. Use Your Hands

One of the coolest and most commonly used methods of crushing weed without a grinder is by using your hands. Create a bowl-shape with one hand and use the other to pick the buds with your fingers while crushing them.

The only downside to this trick is that resin will stick around your fingers. That’s because high-quality cannabis flowers are saturated with gummy trichomes due to their high concentrations of THC.

Not to worry, though, because if your hands are clean, you can always scrape off the resin using a key and mix it with the other stash you’re about to smoke. After all, using your hands to roll buds is one of the most ancient ways of making weed.

If you’re not keen on getting resin on your hands, you can always roll the buds in some non-stick piece of paper before you begin grinding them. Parchment paper usually works really well as it is a non-stick option.

2. Keys and Cards

Not all of us will have parchment paper at their disposal, but almost everyone has some keys they can use in a jiffy. It’s as simple as ABC: just clean your keys and use the serrated edges to cut away the buds. 

Just like using your hands, your keys may end up becoming sticky, but this is something a swab of alcohol will remove in no time.

Another ingenious way is using your credit card. These are usually strong enough to chop up the buds without necessarily snapping. Plus, they are perfect for collecting your finished product of the preparation surface, making them handy tools for blazing.

3. Scissors & a Shot Glass

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, we recommend using a shot glass and a pair of scissors. This method of grinding weed without a grinder is as simple as popping your stash in the glass and hacking it away with scissors. 

While this is a little tasking, you will always end up with nicely cut pieces of weed. 

It’s advisable to use a shot glass for two reasons: First, the walls of the glass hold the weed inside and prevent it from falling off. Secondly, the small space in the glass bunches the buds together, making it easier to chop everything up.

If there’s no shot glass on hand, you can use any small container or just regular glass. Try tilting it to one side if it’s too big so that the buds are confined to one area for easy chopping. 

4. Blunt Force

If your bud is a lot drier and the above methods are not options, you can utilize, put your stash in a plastic bag or medicine container, and use blunt force to crush the buds up. 

Medicine containers can be shaken over and over vigorously, allowing the bud to smash against the walls, while plastic bags can be smashed against a wall or any other hard surface. 

If your bud is stickier, you’ll have a hard time breaking the buds using these methods, but if it’ dry, a few shakes or smashes will do the trick.

5. Knife and Chopping Board

While this may sound a tad bit too much, it is a straightforward way to grind your buds at the comfort of your home. Simply pop your buds onto a clean chopping board and then use your knife to cut everything up finely, just like you would your veges.

Using a knife is hands down the best way to get finely chopped buds, provided you have the cutting skill and practice some patience while chopping.

You, however, have to ensure you use clean utensils. That’s because if you use a knife or chopping board that was previously used to cut onions, you may end up contaminating the entire stash.

6. Coffee Grinder

If you have a large quantity of weed, a coffee grinder is your best bet. In fact, most people use a coffee grinder in place of a weed grinder when crushing up large amounts of marijuana.

Put your entire stash in the grinder just as you would coffee beans then press the start button. Keep in mind that resin from the weed may accumulate inside the grinder, so you should have a key or credit card on hand to scrape it off at the end.

Before loading your stash on a coffee grinder, always remember to wash and dry it properly to avoid any contamination from coffee beans.

7. Pestle and Mortar

This is another easy way to crush up your buds. All you have to do is pop them into the mortar and start crushing with the pestle until you achieve the results you want.

Just like with the previous method of grinding weed without a grinder, always wash and dry your pestle and mortar thoroughly before use to avoid any contamination.

For the best results, use dry weed and not sticky weed.

8. Blender

No, we are not talking about creating your favorite party punch or trying your luck at making the infamous canna-cocktails. Only high-quality dry buds will go into the blender. Simply put your bud into the blender, cover with the lid, and blend away. 

The only downside is that some blenders may overpower your tender buds and end up crushing everything to sheer smithereens. I’d say only use a blender as a last resort if everything else we’ve listed won’t simply cut it for you.

Final Words

There you have it! Now you know 8 easy ways to grind weed without a grinder.

Whether you’re at home, outdoors, or at a friend’s place, these tips mentioned above will help you break down your weed within no time at all.

While none of these hacks will ever beat a traditional weed grinder, they’ll serve you at the nick of time.

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