Medical Marijuana Doctors: Who They Are? Do We Need Them?

medical marijuana doctors

There is still a lot that we don’t know about medicinal marijuana and medical cannabis seeds. As a result, it seems that the US regulatory bodies cannot find common grounds yet.

In certain American states, you can use cannabis without any repercussions, while in others, it is a crime punishable by law.

Given the situation, it is tough for a potential user to navigate all these things. It seems that every organization has its opinion, and it is really hard to find the right product and treatment.

One of the major gray areas is medical marijuana doctors.

This is a profession that any medical practitioner can do, and yet, there is so much controversy surrounding it. For some, these people are saviors, while others would be more than willing to ostracize them from society.

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So, who are medical marijuana practitioner, and what do we need to know about them?

Medical marijuana doctors – Main qualifications

As mentioned, any practitioner can be a cannabis doctor. It is more of a title that is given to professionals who are willing to suggest marijuana as a part of regular medical treatment.

These individuals have the same right as regular doctors and are protected by the state in which they work. In fact, the majority of their work may not revolve around cannabis. They might recommend marijuana only for cases where there is no better therapy.

So, how do medical marijuana experts differ from “regular doctors”?

Medical cannabis professionals have to learn a lot about marijuana before they can start prescribing it. Of course, all this knowledge is based on our current knowledge about the plant.

They cannot prescribe it for conditions where there is not enough evidence they will work. It is also essential for a doctor to learn about potential side effects and any other issues that might occur when consuming the drug.

Due to various potential issues, there aren’t many professionals willing to suggest marijuana to their patients.

It is a tricky business that requires patience and good judgment from doctors. If anything goes wrong, they are liable and may even end up having their license revoked.

Recommended practices

Given the sensitive nature of the matter, professional organizations and associations are doing their best to create a set of rules that the doctors should abide by.

But, it is sometimes really hard to do so as the rules change all the time with our cannabis knowledge.

Here are some of the main recommendations for cannabis medical practitioners:

  • Consider patients’ pulmonary state. If a patient has smoked pot for a while, make sure that the person is in good shape and able to get additional treatment
  • The cannabis doctor needs to work within a state’s legal frame. The professional shouldn’t stray away in any sense. It is also essential to track the patients and marijuana sources
  • It is a doctor’s responsibility to teach the patients about cannabis, its potential benefits, and its side effects. A practitioner should recommend cannabis only when there are no better solutions ahead
  • A cannabis doctor should be fully acquainted with the patients’ medical history, as well as drug use history. If a patient had any addition (especially cannabis addition), a doctor needs to report it and proceed with caution
  • The patients should procure weed from reputable sources. It is a doctor’s responsibility to check marijuana content. There shouldn’t be too much THC in it, nor should there be any additives. Furthermore, a doctor should prescribe marijuana from a company that is in any way related to him/her. Professional shouldn’t have any financial interest when treating the patients
  • If a patient has a history of a mental condition(s) or substance abuse, a marijuana doctor should consult with a specialist before giving the treatment
  • It is recommended that a doctor keeps all the records of cannabis cases. This can serve as a specific case study allowing the general population to learn more about the drug, its potential benefits, and side effects

What do you need to know as a patient?

There are lots of things that a patient needs to know about medical marijuana as well as cannabis doctors. This information can help you receive the optimal treatment and assistance.

Here are three of the main things you need to keep in mind:

1) Ask a friend

The best way to start is by consulting a friend with medical marijuana experience. Such a person can give you all the important tips regarding the situation. For example, you can learn whether or not marijuana can work for you, who is the best doctor in the vicinity, where to buy the drug, etc. All of this can save you time, and ensure that you have a better treatment.

2) Avoid fraud

If you don’t have such a friend, you will need to make your own decisions. One of the significant issues for cannabis users is finding the right dispensary. Some people are willing to buy weed from shady characters. We suggest against it as you need a proper type of drug (with enough CBD, low in THC). There are lots of reputable online cannabis shops where you can buy it.

3) Find the right doctor

In the same way, you need a proper drug; you will need to find a doctor who has enough experience dealing with medical cannabis. Find a person who has successfully treated numerous patients and who specializes in this product. There are lots of online registries and forums where you can find additional information.


If you are serious about medical cannabis treatment, you need to do everything in your power to ensure proper results. One of the most important things is finding a medical marijuana doctor who will give you the right therapy.

On the other hand, being a cannabis practitioner can be tricky. We still need to learn much more about this magnificent plant. But as we do, it will become easier to give proper treatment to those in need.

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