How to Smoke Marijuana: The Complete Guide for Cannabis Smokers

How to smoke marijuana

Marijuana has become such an ordinary commodity. It is entirely legal in numerous European countries. Even the USA has made strides to legalize cannabis for various medical conditions.

If you’re a young person, there is a good chance that someone smoked cannabis in your vicinity at one point or another. You are probably wondering if you were to try it, how should you smoke marijuana?

First-time users may struggle to smoke weed. It is even more complicated if you need to roll a joint. In fact, some people never learn how to roll it properly!

Luckily, smoking cannabis is not as hard as it seems. You might struggle for the first few times, but when you get the hang of it, smoking marijuana will come naturally. 

Keep in mind there are certain variations when smoking marijuana. It isn’t the same if you’re smoking it out of a bong, or if you’re rolling a joint. It is all about proper inhalation. Unfortunately, like cigarettes, it isn’t an ideal activity for people with respiratory issues.

Most beginners make a mistake by keeping the smoke from marijuana for far too long in their mouths. This isn’t going to do it as cannabis smoke needs to reach your lungs. If you do it like that, there is a good chance you won’t even get high.

But don’t worry, we are here to help! Read this article to learn more.

So, how do you smoke marijuana?

As already mentioned, it is all about proper inhalation.

Start by taking a deep breath. There is no need to be hasty. Even if your friends are rushing you, take your time to do it the right way.

You have to feel the weed smoke coursing through your body, from mouth to lungs. If you don’t manage it, there is a good chance you’re not taking deep enough breaths. Keep in mind that you need to inhale air together with smoke.

The biggest misconception when it comes to smoking marijuana is that you need to retain smoke for a longer period. However, just that this won’t help you at all.

It is all about smoke getting to your lungs; extended exposure will not increase the impact. The pause should be minimal, and after that, you will have to exhale cannabis smoke slowly. 

The beginners often think they need to “swallow” the cannabis smoke. This is one of the worst things you can do. It doesn’t make any sense, and it might even upset your stomach leading to vomiting.

You’ve probably heard a lot of stories of people who felt sick after smoking marijuana. This is precisely why it happens. 

Amazing tips that should help you

Ok, now we have covered the basics.

But, even though it sounds simple, it might be tough for a person who never smoked marijuana or cigarettes. So, there is a list of small steps that you can make to do it properly. These tips will also help reduce potential negative side effects.

  • First, you will have to inhale small hits. There is no need to overdo it if this is your first time. As already mentioned, you’re not gaining anything if you go overboard. Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed if other guys are taking more significant hits. In the end, the whole point is for you to feel good
  • You will have to avoid irritation at all costs. If you started coughing, there is no need to continue. Pass the joint and try to relax a bit. Further marijuana smoking will irritate you even more so, what’s the point? You can fix yourself up by drinking some water and try again in a few minutes
  • If you’re a first time user, you might consider avoiding joint and going with an item that has water filtration. However, perhaps it’s better to avoid bong. A good option is a bubbler. Now, you’re probably wondering, how is water going to help? If you use one of these items, you’re able to cool down the smoke with water which is the main reason why newbies have a sore throat, to begin with

If you follow these tips closely, you will be able to avoid all the nasty side effects that come with smoking marijuana. Perhaps you still won’t get high, but you will at least have an ok time with your friends.

Using a joint

Most people use weed in the form of a joint. If you’re smoking marijuana for the first time with your friends, there is a good chance that one of them knows how to roll it.

But, if you do decide to try cannabis while alone, you should know some basics:

  • Rolling a joint can be a bit hard. Yes, everyone can pack marijuana in a piece of paper, but that doesn’t mean that your joint will be good. It is much easier to roll a joint if you’re using a one-dollar bill. The bill should be used as the basis upon which you will place rolling paper. Then, place marijuana within the rolling paper and start rolling the bill. Given that the dollar bill is much larger, it will make it easier to roll if you’re not proficient enough
  • Once you’ve rolled the joint, you will need to lit it. It the joint is properly rolled (if it’s symmetric), you can light it from any side. Otherwise, you should light the bigger end (the puffier side), while smoking marijuana from the thinner side. Always remember that pot is a bit different from cigarettes. When you lit a cannabis joint, you don’t have to puff it initially as you would with cigarettes. Instead, let it burn for a few seconds. Rotate the joint, so it is properly lit from all sides. Start taking smaller puffs while having a lighter nearby.
  • If the joint is lit properly, and if the fire has enveloped all the sides equally, you can start smoking marijuana. But, there are still some things you need to be aware of. For example, you don’t have to “swallow” the joint. Make sure to avoid getting it too wet. If you put a big piece of a joint in your mouth, there is a good chance that the excess saliva will cause issues. Furthermore, if you’re in a company, we bet that no one will want to smoke a joint after you. Instead, you can just simply press it against your mouth. It will have the same effect
  • Continue inhaling the way we mentioned. Make sure to avoid coughing at all costs. As the joint becomes smaller and smaller, there is a good chance you will get burned. This is especially true for your lips and fingers. Experienced marijuana smokers will know how to smoke the last part (often called “roach”), but we suggest that you avoid doing it. At least for the first time. Most people will toss the leftovers, but there are those who like to save them. If you have enough leftovers, you can use them for another joint. Again, this is a bit advanced technique

Using a blunt

If you learned how to smoke marijuana joint, you wouldn’t have any issues with blunts. The steps are basically the same, although rolling a blunt is a bit different. Nevertheless, keep in mind that joints are much easier for beginners, so we recommend that you start with them.

Here are the main differences between blunts and joints:

  • Well, the first thing that needs to be mentioned is that blunts are much bigger. In most cases, joints are for 1 to 3 people. However, if you’re going with a blunt, it can be used by a much larger group
  • These two are also different in terms of material used. We need to emphasize that joints are much more natural; they don’t have any nicotine or related products, which makes them great for all those who hate cigarettes. On the other hand, blunt will have stuff like nicotine, and it will use a paper that is a bit stiffer and can cause issues for beginners. Based on that, you can easily conclude there will be some difference in taste, making blunts a much rougher option
  • Lastly, there will also be some difference in price

Using a glass pipe

Of course, you can always go with a glass pipe. As already mentioned, it is good to rely on water. Pipes come in various shapes and sizes so you can have some fun with that as well. You can easily buy them online or from any specialized marijuana shop.

  • Start by putting cannabis into the bowl. You will have to use a grinder or finger to tear cannabis buds. Don’t stuff the bowl; there should be some breathing room. Otherwise, you won’t be able to smoke marijuana properly. In fact, it is much better if there is less cannabis inside
  • Put your thumb over the hole and start lighting it. Unlike joint, you will have to smoke from the pipe as you light it (like you would with cigarettes). The process goes simultaneously: as soon as you lit it, you need to smoke marijuana from the pipe and inhale it into your lungs. Otherwise, it won’t work. Go with smaller puffs for the first time
  • Remove your finger from the hole and start inhaling the weed smoke
  • The process needs to be repeated until there is no marijuana inside (that is until it turns into ash). You will have to remove the ashes afterward and clean the pipe

Glass pipes are a bit more complex, and we don’t recommend it for inexperienced users. It is much better to smoke a joint or a blunt for the first time. This is especially true if you’re in a company as your friends will point out the small mistakes. But, that doesn’t mean you should never try bongs and pipes. They can be really great, and most people who’ve tried them stopped using joints altogether.


Smoking marijuana can be a bit tricky, but then again, it’s the same with cigarettes. You always have to remember that this is a vice, and although it can be amusing, you need to take your time.

The side effects are not that disastrous, but you might end up with a sore throat. The most important thing is to enjoy responsibly and have fun while doing it. Hopefully, this article will help you do just that.

If you have any additional questions regarding how to smoke marijuana, you can always contact our staff. If you’re looking for smoke-related items, you can find them in our online shop. Take your time and browse carefully as we have some unique products!

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