How To Make Marijuana Tincture

Marijuana tincture

Marijuana is such an incredible plant. Often criticized for its psychoactive properties, cannabis also has numerous medical benefits that can help people with muscle spasms, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, inflammations, and so on. Because of that, people are continually trying to find new ways of maximizing their potential.

Among all these products, one item stands out – marijuana tincture. As the name implies, it is a tincture made from the cannabis plant. People also refer to it as a green or golden dragon. Cannabis tincture is created by mixing alcohol and marijuana, or in other words, by infusing alcohol with this plant. 

Marijuana tincture has a long history. People have been using it for more than a century until the US government banned it. In fact, it is the first medical cannabis product on the open market. Due to the fact it is a tincture, it can be quite potent.

Here are some of the main things you need to know about it!

The proper usage of marijuana tincture

Using a marijuana tincture isn’t that hard. In fact, it is very similar to using a cough syrup.

Most patients will use a 1-milliliter dosage. You can measure it with a teaspoon. You should use the tincture by putting it under your tongue. If this dosage works, and you feel an improvement, you won’t have to tweak it.

In some cases, people will not feel the impact. If that happens to you, consider increasing the dosage to 2 milliliters. If that doesn’t work, you should slowly increase the dosage, 1 milliliter at a time. Don’t go overboard because if you increase the dosage too quickly, you can get really high.

Storing marijuana tincture is pretty easy. Like most similar products, you will have to keep it in the dark, cold place. This will protect the product for years and years. If we also consider the fact that you will take a few drops a day, the product will last for quite a while.

Another great benefit is that marijuana tinctures don’t have that many calories compared to some other cannabis edibles. The most common version of the product will have about 7 calories per milligram.

This is negligible, especially if we compare it to cannabutter and hash brownies. However, we need to mention that pot brownies are much tastier!

If you don’t like ingesting the tincture directly, you can add it to certain meals. For example:

  • Soups
  • Juices
  • Water
  • Ice creams
  • Salads

But, be very careful not to serve this food to anyone else besides you. This is especially true if you have kids around.

Making a cannabis tincture

Although a lot of companies are producing marijuana tinctures, you can also create it yourself. This is especially great for people who are already producing marijuana and want to find different ways of consuming it.

Always remember that tinctures (and marijuana edibles in general) have a much different impact than joints. They are especially great for people who smoke or have respiratory issues.

Cannabis tinctures are a great thing to make at your home. You won’t need extra space or special equipment for making the substance. You will just need an empty jar, some alcohol, strainer, and of course, marijuana. You can buy this stuff in the nearest marijuana store if you don’t have them already.

Keep in mind that marijuana tinctures can vary significantly. There are lots of factors that impact the end product. For example, they will be different based on how much time invested, what type of equipment and marijuana you used, etc.

But, if this is your first time making it, don’t try to complicate things. Just make the basic tincture, and you can alter the recipe once you get some experience.

Here are some of the most popular recipes you can try out!

1) Traditional Green Dragon

  • Start by decarboxylating an extract. If you’re using a flower, make sure to use a cannabis grinder
  • Mix alcohol and extract in a jar
  • Close the jar and let it be for a couple of weeks. Shake it each day
  • After designated a few weeks, you will need to filter it

2) Master Wu’s Green Dragon

  • Start by decarboxylating an extract. If you’re using a flower, be sure to grind it even without a grinder
  • Mix alcohol and extract in a jar
  • Simmer the jar in a water bath for 20 minutes at 170 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Strain it properly and leave it aside

3) Modern Green Dragon

  • Start by decarboxylating an extract. If you’re using a flower, don’t forget to grind it
  • Mix alcohol and extract in a jar
  • Shake it for a few minutes
  • Strain it properly and leave it aside

As you can presume, Traditional Green Dragon is the most common type of tincture, and people will refer to it when they talk about cannabis tinctures.

If you’re making the substance for the first time, we suggest you go with this recipe. But, the other two alternatives are also easy to make.

Additional considerations

After reading this article, you should be able to make cannabis tinctures.

The substance is taken sublingually as the quickest way of reaching your organism. You can also drink it normally, but then it will take some time to process.

The tinctures work rather fast. It will take them about 15 to 45 to kick in. The peak high will be at around 90 minutes. If you decide to just drink it, the tincture will have a similar impact as other edibles.

Marijuana tinctures are somewhere between smoking and eating. They take more time than joints, but less time than edibles. Also, you will feel higher from it than you would when smoking marijuana.

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