How To Store Marijuana Seeds The Right Way?

If you want to deal with marijuana in any capacity, it is essential to learn how to store marijuana seeds. This is a very common question that most farmers have, so we decided to dedicate a post to it!

It is very important to know that cannabis is very similar to any other plant. That being said, it is affected by the same natural elements and occurrences.

Generally speaking, these marijuana seeds can last up to 5 and even 7 years, but you shouldn’t wait for too long to use them. According to agricultural experts, it is best if they’re used within the first 3 years.

At the same time, it isn’t ideal to harvest them too early. Make sure to focus on seeds that are dark green, smooth, and have a proper shape.

Most people will store marijuana seeds for a while. Depending on your methods of storing, they will have higher or lower chances of germination.

Here are some basics that will teach you how to store marijuana seeds. Read on!

What works and what doesn’t work for cannabis seeds? 

In order to properly store these marijuana seeds, it is very important to recognize the main factors affecting them.

Farmer should be wary of temperature, humidity, light, and oxygen. Each one of these can completely ruin the seeds, which is why you need to find a solution that will protect them from all these factors at the same time.

Marijuana seeds will start germinating if they get too much exposure from these elements. In nature, the plant seeds receive signals from their environment. So, for example, if there is too much light or heat, this will tell them that the blooming season is upon them, and they will start budding.

Excessive heat, humidity, or light can have adverse effects completely ruining them. So, you will have to pay attention and keep your seeds in a dim, cold place that isn’t getting enough oxygen or moisture. 

Basically, they need to be completely isolated.

How to store your marijuana seeds? 

Of course, you can experiment with various methods of storing cannabis, but there are several things that almost always work.

Perhaps the optimal solution would be to place them in black film canisters and put them in a fridge. It is essential for seeds to be in a fridge so they can maintain a temperature of 41 Fahrenheit and below! If you go above it, there is good chance germination will start. 

Of course, a fridge will solve just one of your problems with storing marijuana. You will also have to address the humidity, which is best done if you place the seeds in the back of the fridge. You can also put uncooked rice in the fridge so it can soak in excess humidity. 

If you want to add extra security, you can put the seeds in a bag, then put them in a canister. Ideally, the canister should be airtight, and you should be able to vacuum the air out of it.

Don’t forget that the oxygen can also lead to cannabis germination!

How to store your Cannabis seeds long term?

If you wish to store the seeds of marijuana for an extended period of time, there is a bit different procedure.

It is very important to find specialized containers that can be properly sealed against oxygen and heat. Some people use glass mason jars. Prior to that, they would place seeds in a bag or some other smaller container that can protect them from light.

You always have to start by asking yourself: “Will this container protect the seeds from heat, moisture, light, and oxygen?”

Reducing oxygen to a minimum is something that most people struggle with. Keep in mind that oxygen not only stimulates germination, but it also allows bacteria and other microorganisms to multiply.

What are the ideal levels for storing your marijuana seeds? 

There are certain levels of heat and humidity that are ideal for storing cannabis seeds.

Cannabis is notorious for being able to absorb all the humidity from its surroundings. According to cannabis experts, its storage life expectancy is doubled for every 1% decrease in humidity. So, it is in your interest to keep it as dry as possible. 

Here is how marijuana reacts to different levels of humidity:

  • If the humidity is between 80% and 100%, they will wilt down within a day
  • The humidity of 40 to 60% leads to germination
  • If it’s between 18 to 20%, there is a good chance there will be heating
  • Fungi will start growing on seeds when humidity is around 13%
  • Insects become active on 8% humidity

You should try to focus on the humidly level of 5% and below. This will allow proper marijuana storage without any side effects. It is even better if you can drive that humidity even lower.

The temperature has a very similar effect. You need to try and reduce the temperature to at least 41 degrees Fahrenheit or 5 degrees Celsius. Any temperature above it will lead to germination. Higher temperatures may also lead to the appearance of insects.

As the temperature drops below 41 degrees the life expectancy of seeds increases.


There are obviously a lot of different factors that you need to control during the marijuana storing process.

If this is your first time doing it, we recommend that you start with smaller quantities of seeds. There are simply too many things to take into consideration, and mistakes are common.

However, if you manage to do everything right, you can easily prolong the life expectancy of seeds to 4, 5 years!

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