6 reasons why growing your own Cannabis is becoming the new trend

1. The only way to know what’s in your Cannabis is to grow your own

Peace of mind! Imagine having that peace of mind every time you reach into the top shelf of your cabinet and pull out a jar of freshly cured cannabis that was grown by you, for you.  

How often have you lit some bud you picked up from a so called “trusted friend” and the bowl didn’t burn or taste right? 

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When you first light your bowl is it burning correctly? As the flame touches the greens, “look” does it light without a sparkle or a “harsh taste”? Is the end of the burn a nice gray fluffy ash and a clean look, or is it black and almost unburnt with trace nutrients.

Is your mouth left with an unnatural oily feeling like there just isn’t something right? That probably means the plant wasn’t flushed properly.

Regardless the reasons, it’s not healthy for you and you deserve better!  Let’s face it, not all weed is good weed! The only true way to know what you’re putting into your body, unless you know the grower personally, is to grow it yourself! 

Pesticides and non organic growing methods have taken over mainstream gardening as we know it. We purchase them in our neighborhood grocery stores everyday.

Here at WhollyCal we want to help you learn organic gardening whether it’s cannabis or gardening anything, that’s what we’re here for. Once you learn to grow your own Cannabis plants, you can grow anything. 

2. Growing cannabis is fun and you get great exercise 

I sound crazy right? Well I’m not, trust me keep reading. 

Having a garden whether for medical reasons or recreational enjoyment will increase your physical activity the moment you fill up your first bucket of fresh water.

When I first started I had no idea how much up and down movement I would end up doing. Doing so many things from transplanting clones into starter pots, mending soil, even learning how to mix nutrients. Ph’ing water and checking the “ppm’s” aka “parts per million”, there were so many new things coming at me I didn’t realize how much exercise I was getting because I was having so much fun learning and doing.  

I was having so much fun growing the “exercise” was never work for me. 

Being hands on with your pruning and leaf eliminating can feel like a beginner yoga class as you reach deep into the canopy, plucking out some foliage to increase airflow. Bonus, your plants will love you for it. 

Being together in the garden is a great time to bond with your family and friends, even getting a little personal time for yourself and your plants is always something I look forward to at the end of a long day.

To watch what you can accomplish in a very short period of time and often with little space is extremely rewarding and it gives you a new understanding for life.

Image result for picture of weed and money together money saver from growing pot

3. Who doesn’t want to save money

A little upfront cost for a long term happy hobby is worth the investment.

Combine being confident knowing you personally produced a clean healthy plant that yielded huge buds and you get to enjoy sharing with your family and friends, “Priceless”! 

If you buy Cannabis like 99% of the world does, you know how expensive it can be, especially if you like to enjoy “top shelf” flower. Growing your own bud is like investing in yourself, you’re putting the money back into your pocket each harvest.

The key is to grow your own and if you want the best, expect to pay top dollar or with a small investment of time and money you can grow the best CBD or THC Cannabis for yourself!

4. The benefits to growing indoors and having year round production 

We all want indoor weed, right?

Not everyone has the ability to grow their weed indoors but for those that do and create the proper environment, they will be rewarded with a great harvest

Here are some of the benefits and reasons why growers choose indoor or greenhouse style growing.

No Bugs! Well if you do it right, no bugs. 

Growing indoors or in an enclosed greenhouse eliminates many of the risks associated with an outdoor grow.

As long as your indoor grow is properly maintained the risk of pests or powdery mildew destroying your plants is virtually eliminated. When you are growing indoors it is much easier to maintain a proper climate to allow your plants to function at peak efficiency. 

Don’t have enough space in your house? That’s ok. There is a way you can grow outdoors yet indoors. Let me explain. 

Light Dep is simply shorthand for Light Deprivation. It means you control when it gets dark and when it gets light. 

Up above is a photo of a light/dep greenhouse that was professionally built. You can easily downscale this model and fit it into your backyard.

If you have the space outdoors this method allows you within a budget friendly matter to produce your own “indoor” quality cannabis, outdoors. 

5. You control how your weed tastes

How to make your cannabis taste like candy

This is something many don’t factor in when beginning their own cannabis garden, but it is a huge part in producing clean, amazingly tasting cannabis.

The sugar levels inside yours flowering plant goes hand and hand with how good your weed will taste. Look below at this flavor chart it will let you see all of the different categories of flavonoids which turn will into higher levels of terpenes.

Cannabis as a plant loves sugar just like we do as humans. The higher quality and potency of the brix levels in that particular type of sugar you give the plant will be a big factor in taste and how readily able the plant’s microbes can digest helping the process of breaking down what you feed it.

The plant itself doesn’t drink the sugars you feed what it does is it uses it as food to breakdown to feed the microbial life that is living inside of the plant’s soil.

Once the sugar is broken down inside the plant it turns it into a higher level of THC also a higher brix level of terpene production which makes your weed taste like candy.

This is how you get the Terpene level tp raise in the cannabis flower and it’s all because of the sugars that were broken down during the feeding process in your soil. “Feed your microbes, your soil is alive just like you”!

6. The best thing known, is not known

Image result for privacy cannabis

Number one rule as we become adults is we value our privacy above all else. Unless you blab about your grow, nobody will know.

Rule of Thumb, keep it private.

Quite simply put, “loose lips sink ships”.

Remember we’re in a time of information. Protect yourself, keep things private, keep your Cannabis garden within your trust circle.

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