Dry Trimming Cannabis

Dry trimming cannabis is a debatable issue amongst growers. Usually, growers prefer to trim the leaves of their cannabis plant after harvest while they’re still wet. All leaves are going to be removed, leaving simply the buds, to hang and dry. This method is known as wet trimming and is that the most typical way for growers to trim cannabis.

Wet trimming works fine, and will an excellent job of drying your weed, and can bring sensible results. except for a couple of reasons, dry trimming cannabis is my much-preferred way to trim a harvest.

1: Hate Trimming?

Chopping is often a combination of happy and unhappy emotions. You’ll be happy to be obtaining some tasty weed in a few weeks, but, you have raised my plant from seed, and spent their whole lives with them. You do get connected.

After chopping a crop, on your own hours, you may probably make a decision not to do trimming any further. Even for a Percy grower, it will take hours, perhaps even days to complete a harvest when wet trimming. It starts off extremely fun however becomes boring terribly quickly once you’re over your first harvest.

You cant even roll a joint, because your hands are too sticky. Your scissors can stand still perpetually with resins. ( always good to save lots of that although, for when the task is done)

Dry trimming cannabis may be a case of, chop from the branches and hang. That’s it, it takes ten minutes every plant maximum. Then over the subsequent 10-14 days, the plant can dry properly. The leaves can break off with a small touch. You’ll remove leaf bit by bit, once it’s dry, and even leave the leaves on while you cure your buds. remove the leaves like a sweet wrapper before rolling. Giving an extended time to dry, will confirm your smoke is smoother.

2: It Will Increase Drying Time!

Some individuals contemplate this a nasty thing. However, the longer you’ll offer your cannabis to break down chlorophyll, starches, and sugars, the smoother your smoke is going to be.

If you dry your cannabis among a couple of days, it’ll be harsh and leave you with a sore throat. It’s necessary to let your buds dry for a minimum of seven days! 10-14 days is good. Giving that additional few days will really build a distinction in your end product.

If you dry trim cannabis, your plant has a lot of moisture in it, in the leaves it has. This moisture can disperse amongst the plant material, providing an extended drying period. This can bring out terpenes for flavor, and cut back sugars and starches creating the smoke smooth.

3: Less Chlorophyll Leaked Onto Your Buds

Chlorophyll can make your buds harsh to smoke, and leave you with a sore throat. While your cannabis is drying, the moisture within the plant breaks down the sugars and starches. When the moisture is gone, they’ll not be broken down any longer.

If you wet trim cannabis, those leaves you cut off can “bleed” ONTO your buds. This may get the sugars and chlorophyll onto your buds, where they will not be broken down. This isn’t a serious concern if you’re hand trimming, as there are fewer cuts. However, if you’re using a machine, those leaves are cut repeatedly before they’re removed. Heaps of chlorophyll are leaked onto your buds. To keep the chlorophyll fastened in your plant, it’s better to dry trim your cannabis.

When dry trimming cannabis, you begin trimming when most of the moisture has been evaporated by the plant. This reduces the quantity of chlorophyll leaked onto your buds, and improve the overall smoothness of the smoker.

4: The Buds Looks Better!

Buds are handled less when dry trimming cannabis. Whenever you handle your buds, you’re damaging them. The less you handle them, the better. With dry trimming, you don’t even touch your buds till they’re dry. leaving them with that natural contemporary look.

5: The Leaves Shield Your Buds

When you begin curing your cannabis plant, leaving the leaves on offers protection to the THC crystals. Some growers prefer to leave the leaves on even while curing, generally, even leaving the leaf on till the bud comes to be smoked. This is often because the leaves are a protection to the buds. We must always make the most of what nature offers us, and leave the leaves to do their job, right up till smoking time.

These little changes to your techniques will create an enormous difference in your final product! This weed you grow is for your own personal use, you wish it to be the best possible of quality.

If you’ve got any questions on dry trimming your cannabis plants after harvest, then feel free to raise your questions in our cannabis growers forum.

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