Oregon officers Met With Feds to Defend Legal Cannabis

Officials in states that have legalized cannabis still strategize around justifying their state’s legal cannabis industries from the feds and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Oregon is no different from these states. In line with a story by Noelle Crombie of The Oregonian, high-level state leaders recently met with the U.S. lawyer for Oregon to discuss the case.

According to Crombie’s report, US lawyer Billy Williams requested the meeting with high aides in Gov. Brown’s office late in May. Relevant was a draft report by the state police, which presumed that Oregon remained one among the top sources for black market cannabis in the United States.

Others reportedly at the assemblage included Oregon State Police Superintendent Travis Lionel Hampton, the executive director of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, and a deputy from the Oregon Attorney General’s office.

Per Crombie, Williams requested to set the meeting up after reading about the state police report within the Oregonian in March. That report showed the state remained a high supply for black market marijuana.

The complete report has nevertheless to be discharged by the Oregon State Police.

Williams told the Oregonian that he’s concerned about the still-functioning black market. One of the major reasons the state’s citizens voted to decriminalize cannabis was to end illegal sales.

“Overproduction is certainly troubling and hence, the violation of the state and federal law, redirecting it to different areas of the country is incredibly concerning and that we are working on it,” Williams stated.

Jeffrey Rhoades, the governor’s marijuana policy adviser, led the state’s presentation to Williams. He talked regarding how the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system for cannabis, as well as security and testing requirements, are all a part of Oregon’s efforts to comply with the US Department of Justice’s Cole Memorandum.

Rhoades did have a largely assertive take against cannabis legalization in the state, as he mentioned that legal cannabis has generated $60.2 million in taxation to this point and has created over 12,000 jobs.

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